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  1. jobrated_man

    It is starting

    hit the high 80s yesterday, but cooling down next week
  2. jobrated_man

    Just scored this diamond from Southern, Colorado! 9' Utiline bed on it

    The nine ft beds with flat top rails are not easy to find. I had to find one for my 1960 W200 after someone removed the original Took a while.
  3. jobrated_man

    Buying New Pickup

    The Ram truck has been the Motor Trend truck of the year, for the past three years. Pretty nice truck to drive, i pull a 10000 lb RV with mine.
  4. jobrated_man

    WANTED 1958 Dodge D100 parts

    There is a facebook page for Power Giant trucks, and 54-60 Dodge trucks. lots of people there.
  5. jobrated_man

    It is starting

    68 here in San Diego
  6. jobrated_man

    Lets see your Dodge trucks! Post some Pic's!

    4 X 4, who is that question directed to?
  7. jobrated_man

    Lets see your Dodge trucks! Post some Pic's!

    Do you still have this truck, and the column shift that was original? i'm interested in what you did with this
  8. jobrated_man

    Need Fargo info

    if it has 300 on the side,it is a one ton. sort of like my truck in avatar here. D300 Dodge is the equivalent. There are a lot of Facebook sites for these types of trucks. The model series for 1957-60 Dodge/Fargo trucks is called the Power Giants.
  9. jobrated_man

    WANTED 38 dodge grill

    I was thinking that DCM Classics had one on the lot in Michigan. might be gone now. Or, might have been a Plymouth. not sure. but give them a call.
  10. jobrated_man

    WANTED Front engine support, Power Giant

    Need front engine support plate, part number 1735822, for my 1960 W200 Dodge. Looks like an upside down U, bolts at bottom to K member, and top bolts to bracket on timing cover;. this for poly 318 V-8. I think the LA 318 would also fit. only used in the V-8 trucks.
  11. jobrated_man


    The tailgates were not stamped DODGE after the 1960 models.
  12. jobrated_man

    1960 Engine color

    He used that big crane to lift off my 1960 Cab for the w200 truck I'm doing. Only problem was, he did not have all four cab bolts removed and when he pulled up the strap/harness, the left front corner remained fastened. bent the door frame a bit before he realized the problem as to why it...
  13. jobrated_man

    1960 Engine color

    The silver on the flatheads always looked good. Don't picture them any other way. - from 1935 to 1960, that's all they ever were.
  14. jobrated_man

    1960 Engine color

    Yes, I read that Canadian vehicles were different in engine color.
  15. jobrated_man

    1960 Engine color

    Found this chart on My Mopar. Looks like only year for the A-318 (poly) silver was 1960. Mopar Engine Paint Color Guide 1960-1974 Engine Paint Color Guide Engine Years Variations Color Mopar Part Number 170 Six 1960 non Valiant Turquoise P4120752 170 Six 1960- 69 Valiant Red P4349218...
  16. jobrated_man

    1960 Engine color

    Did not know that. I'll stick with the 65 heads on the 65 block that I have. Going silver.
  17. jobrated_man

    1960 Engine color

    Thanks for that. I saw a chart the other day showing engine colors and they say that in 1960 engines were silver. I know my flathead six was silver, but was thinking the V-8s of the day, the 318, might have been different. I'm trying to make it factory original as this is a restoration. I also...
  18. jobrated_man

    1960 Engine color

    The Lion has spoken.
  19. jobrated_man

    1960 Engine color

    Wondering what the factory color was for the 1960 Dodge D100, or W200. Have a 318 poly to install and it was red (originally from a 65 Plymouth) but, seems i recall some of the V-8s in late fifties were yellow in the trucks.
  20. jobrated_man

    WANTED 1959/60 Dodge fender trim

    Still looking for front fender and door stainless trim for D100. Optional on certain models, but must be some out there.