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    gas tank vent

    Try Amazon! They carry stuff u wouldn't think they would!
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    71 D300 rejuvenation

    440 Source.com Everything you've ever wanted to know about blocks and more.... 440 Source.com Everything you've ever wanted to know about blocks and more....
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    71 D300 rejuvenation

    Pulled the Edelbrock 800 off 2day(head start on replacing cam w Erson grind MF-2), then LH valve cover 2 inspect serial#. As expected, 76-78, 440. Block# confirms 1976 w rib above freeze plugs and thicker motor mount brkts. Y'all probably knew this! It's new info 2 me! I had 4gotten year of MH...
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    71 D300 rejuvenation

    Good 2 kno!
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    71 D300 rejuvenation

    On the rare occasion I do need parking, I'll b pulling something, will find one in the boondocks!
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    1978 W200 Power Wagon

    Good looking trk! I like the boxy shape!!
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    71 D300 rejuvenation

    Anybody have experience w fuel tank cleaners like Star-tron. Pour it in, add gas, sit 24/36hrs start it up n run it all thru allowing fuel filter to remove big chunks?!
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    71 D300 rejuvenation

    Never thought about that. Safety concerns n all that I suppose! Something 2 consider! Maybe some wraparound nerf bars. Now u said it...I'm worried. Some 1/8" diamond plate wrapping around from front of bed frame. Already at 90" width!! Don't Semi's have outboard tanks??
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    71 D300 rejuvenation

    Starting on the bed
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    Made a cup holder for my '88

    What matl's did u use?
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    Hydrogen Pick Up

    With you on that, brother!!
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    Hydrogen Pick Up

    stupid auto spell! That should b, "make up 4 my fuel use by recycling/repurposing" No "Keurig" w all the k-cups. The amount of plastic we consume then dump in landfills is frightening!
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    Hydrogen Pick Up

    Some really good ideas and thoughts here. I'm a bit more educated now, thanks! I make unfortunately my fuel use and pollution by recycling/repressing nearly everything. No Koenigsegg w all those little plastic cups, buying bulk to avoid single pk'ging. It takes extra effort but....I feel it's...
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    Out w the old...

    What happens when sitting in barnyard ammonia air!
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    71 D300 rejuvenation

    This thing has been sitting in a barnyard for 13yrs. Airborne ammonia from nearby cattle has corroded everything!! I mean, it looks like HELL! I was shocked! Good pressure wash and regular upkeep/upgrades should put it on the road in 31yrs!!🤣
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    Load Range For Dually

    What is tire load rating dual? Your tires r the limiting factor for hauling. E rated or 10ply s/b plenty to carry 4000lbs.
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    1971 D300 Utility Flatbed.

    Been looking at some bigger traction tires 315/75r16 for the back regular use! Lots of things 2 spend 700$ on so..... maybe chains r a better option 4 few times I need xtra traction! Rear-end is locker so....! BTW...I have unused set of headers 4 440. Not sure which body they fit...maybe A! I...
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    Hello, is anybody out there?

    Can I have some of whatever you're smokin?