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    1989 Shelby Dakota facts...

    Try Calvert Suspension
  2. Rusty Junk

    08 Expedition

    The only thing I can think of is its better to snap an axle than the differential, it is a 6000 lbs vehicle. The threaded nut is very small and it might have been a just very random fail. I don't know just glad it's fixed and damage was contained to axle, 4x4 hub and wheel hub. One thing...
  3. Rusty Junk

    08 Expedition

    Just the threaded end under the nut on the end of the axle. I'd never seen anything like before either but the amazing thing was it didn't fly apart on the road. I got stuck in 4" of packed snow last week with the front not helping. So after I got out we got under the truck and found the driver...
  4. Rusty Junk

    08 Expedition

    Nothing I noticed
  5. Rusty Junk

    08 Expedition

    Well I am a person that has always kept his vehicle ready to go, that is go anywhere condition. But this last week I got my Ford stuck in the driveway. Now this thing has narly 285/70/17 Goodyears and I'm stuck in 4" of snow with no action from the front wheels. After digging the 6000 lbs...
  6. Rusty Junk

    Ford or Dodge?

    I've had both, more Fords than Dodge's only because every time I buy a dodge the greef sends me back to Ford.
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    Introducing FTO's Newest Member: Ironbuilt

    Welcome to the forum
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    Welcome to the forum, now is that yellow and green?
  9. Rusty Junk

    It's here!

    Been there done that....
  10. Rusty Junk

    Introducing FTO's Newest Member: Rustie

    Rustie Well this is a first, as in I've never welcomed anything Rustie before....
  11. Rusty Junk

    So, what can I look at to improve in town MPG?

    My fuel mileage in my Expedition drops from 17 to 13.5 as soon as it gets cold and my driving is 70 percent hyway. If I stay at 55 it stays at 18 or 19 but the city driving kills the mileage. It takes fuel to accelerate 6300 lbs.
  12. Rusty Junk

    8.8 Ford axle in 81 d150

    The offset is 2 7/8" and should not be a problem.
  13. Rusty Junk

    Truck tire recommendations

    I've got the Goodyear Duratracks with 65k on them and there not done yet. They have been a great tire for my Expedition, I went up one size and got the more aggressive tread and i love them. The E lode rating was one reason for the tires as I pull a 30 ft camper with a 119" WB so I needed a...
  14. Rusty Junk

    Doing a cab floor for my 1966 Dodge D100 Utiline (video)

    looks like your getting more done than your telling.:happy:
  15. Rusty Junk

    Harmonic Balancer

    New is a Chinese part.