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  1. 65 sporty

    Intro Post

    Welcome from the Mitten
  2. 65 sporty

    Where is Bear?

    @LocuMob, I thought Scott knew something about why Bear went dark. I don't know if Bear is on another site that Scott is on?
  3. 65 sporty

    It is starting

    Low 40's today and low 40's tomorrow with a chance of rain
  4. 65 sporty

    It is starting

    What year D350?
  5. 65 sporty

    Stop on in for a cup of coffee!

    This tree is also prelit, but the lights quit on it last year and I haven't tried to troubleshoot it yet. I just strung lights on it last year and will probably do the same again this year unless I get really ambitious
  6. 65 sporty

    Stop on in for a cup of coffee!

    Started the morning with 2 cups of joe, I took the wife's Torrent to work, changed the engine oil, trans oil, rotated the tires and checked the air bag light. That will require further testing and I didn't feel like getting into that today. I have to put up our Christmas tree some time
  7. 65 sporty

    It is starting

    Wind picked up last night, rain came with it. Now the rain is gone, but the wind is still here. It was blowing really hard Thursday and simmered down some yesterday
  8. 65 sporty

    Stop on in for a cup of coffee!

    Saturday I helped a friend move, coffee, donuts and burritos got us moving. Spent most of the day loading and unloading. Got home to watch the end of the Michigan - Ohio state game. Go blue. My wife wanted icicle lights put up, but it rained all day Sunday. I put then up tonight after work, at...
  9. 65 sporty

    Hydraulic clutch master cylinder mount?

    I can't recall for sure, but I thought the firewall had a reinforcement plate where the clutch master was mounted to reduce firewall flex. I haven't seen one in a long time so I am going off of memory. I just looked at a clutch master on Rock Auto and it threads into the firewall, 1/4 turn or...
  10. 65 sporty

    It is starting

    Rain all day today
  11. 65 sporty

    71 D300 rejuvenation

    Most have saddle tanks outside the frame rails, usually they have a step in them
  12. 65 sporty

    It is starting

    In the 50's today, back into the 40's for early next week
  13. 65 sporty

    New to group

    Welcome from the Mitten, looks like a nice project truck
  14. 65 sporty

    It is starting

    Very mild temps today, calling for 50's. Snow is melting, kinda like spring