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  1. 65 sporty

    It is starting

    Mid 30's today and sunny. It may hit 50 this weekend. Last Sunday my kid was riding my snowmobile, this Sunday he says he may take out his dirt bike. Quite the difference one week can make.
  2. 65 sporty

    It is starting

    Quite warm today high 40's, snow is melting fast. It's warm for February
  3. 65 sporty

    It is starting

    Some snow overnight it turned to rain in the morning, temp is way up. Mid 30's today and maybe 40 tomorrow
  4. 65 sporty

    Stop on in for a cup of coffee!

    I sent the kid after a new belt yesterday, we got it on and that's when I shot those short videos. Man is it quick, a lot faster then my old sleds.
  5. 65 sporty

    It is starting

    20's today, but a warm up is coming mid week.
  6. 65 sporty

    New to forum

    When it quits did you look down the carb to see if it still will squirt fuel? Do you have a spark tester? You need to see if your loosing spark. If you have fuel it's either the pick up coil in the distributor or the ignition module.
  7. 65 sporty

    Stop on in for a cup of coffee!

    1 cups to start, went through Mc'Ds, got some rec 90 fuel, came back home and started my heater in the shed and went to work on my sled. Got the carbs back on, choke cables installed, seat back on, blew out the fuel lines and fuel pump, filled the tank and tried starting it. It took a little bit...
  8. 65 sporty

    It is starting

    It's been below 0 at night, yesterday was only 12, today got to 18. I did get snow Monday into Tuesday about 10" worth. It sure piled up around the house. Wind did some funny drifting on the roof Here is looking out my back door, sounds like a song:D
  9. 65 sporty

    Stop on in for a cup of coffee!

    Started with a cup this morning, picked up my kid to help me pick up a bed for some friends, stopped at Mcdonalds and got a coffee, dropped off the bed, filled the truck and got my freebie coffee with a fill up, came home and did some work on this..... I drained the fuel tank and found...
  10. 65 sporty

    Wiring for lockup-overdrive trans from a 01 truck

    https://transmissioncenter.net/shop/727-to-518-transmission-swap-information/ Check out these guy's
  11. 65 sporty

    Big Block advice.

    They are different from Big Block mounts? I am just thinking out loud, I didn't know if the B-bodies use the same mount for a Hemi or a Big Block. If they do I wonder if you can just use the truck Big Block mount.
  12. 65 sporty

    It is starting

    Snowing right now, today's high was about 18. Did a little work out in my shed for a couple of hours. I did have the heater going
  13. 65 sporty

    It is starting

    About a inch overnight, snow tomorrow night.
  14. 65 sporty

    T.case upgrade???

    Google might be your friend here like Locu said, I can't say I have seen to many problems with these.
  15. 65 sporty

    Hello from Okc.

    Welcome from the Mitten, sharp truck