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Ghost, how much for the whole grille? Outer, inner, & headlighte buckets. Tail light assemblies too. Shipped to 50166 Milo, Iowa.
Hope your doing well.
Ghostrider 67
Ghostrider 67
Tim. I'm sorry, your exactly 4 days too late. I gave them to the trash man last week, despairing of ever selling them due to the shipping cost. I hated to let them go because they were perfect. But, my garage is small and the Yankee Express is being blown apart to paint and I needed the room to hang parts on the wall. Dash went as well. Again , I'm sorry.

Hey Joey, I am trying to post a message with a youtube link and I am getting this message " Template public:_media_site_embed_youtube not found. Try rebuilding or reinstalling the s9e/MediaSites add-on. " Is this something on my end or a limitation of the site?
Hi, there i am a new member and are having issues with my 1999 GMC sierra 1500 Z71 SLT, would you be able to help at all?
Please give me a call, text or e-mail regarding the shackles. Thanks!!

541 900 9837
I need a schematic showing the fuel lines for dual tanks on a 1979 Dodge w900. hoses on top of the front fuel tank are rotted off.
We can talk about 1948 dually my email is mgarr9687@gmail.com i would like to know your location & how far i would have to go to pick up truck