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Have a 00 Ranger with a headache. It was a 3.0 auto, and now is a 4.0 5speed. Now when previous owner put motor in the 4wd and gas gauge quit. I have replaced transfer case, 4wd motor, dash switch, 4wd control module....... didn’t fix it. It is an 03 engine and computer. Before I pull the engine and painstakingly go over the harness I was curious if anyone has had similar issues.
Just scored a 77 W200 old New Market Mn Fire Department truck. Standard Minnesota rust but solid and straight. 62K Should be able to post some better pics this weekend.
Now to decide if i appease my lady friend and sell the rusty 03 Dakota...? She says there is no more room in my driveway for her new Audi...... (evil laughter)...
Good morning I am new to this site looking for more information on 1976 w100 factory 400, which has been changed to a 440 78 shortbox, stepside, pre-warlock. experimental truck came out 11-95 set the format for the warlock which came out in 6-76, needs body and paint work, and was originally silver vin no. W13BJ6215593 needs floor pans,
broke it fixed it broke it then lost pass word last but not the least a divorce still have all my trucks be here lots now that i have it hittin on all 8..............BEAR
Good Afternoon,

Which truck would you buy?

2015 Ram 2500 - Diesel
2018 F250 Lariat - Gas

Thanks for your consideration and thoughts.
great spindles , fast delivery . arrived safe n sound get as described . great member here . thanks again . paul m
Ghost, how much for the whole grille? Outer, inner, & headlighte buckets. Tail light assemblies too. Shipped to 50166 Milo, Iowa.
Hope your doing well.
Ghostrider 67
Ghostrider 67
Tim. I'm sorry, your exactly 4 days too late. I gave them to the trash man last week, despairing of ever selling them due to the shipping cost. I hated to let them go because they were perfect. But, my garage is small and the Yankee Express is being blown apart to paint and I needed the room to hang parts on the wall. Dash went as well. Again , I'm sorry.

Hey Joey, I am trying to post a message with a youtube link and I am getting this message " Template public:_media_site_embed_youtube not found. Try rebuilding or reinstalling the s9e/MediaSites add-on. " Is this something on my end or a limitation of the site?
Hi, there i am a new member and are having issues with my 1999 GMC sierra 1500 Z71 SLT, would you be able to help at all?