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I have this switch from my '76 D250. I drove this vehicle for years and know the switch is good. $40 shipped, prefer Paypal, no extra for fees. Easier to email me at trailerparkindigent@gmail.com if interested. CAn send pics to your email if wanted.
looking for a belt tensioner assembly for a 1991 5.2 dodge dakota and a smog pump eliminator kit
I have a set of these for $150 shipped if you have not found any yet. can send pics to your email address. Nice parts, shiny chrome, no pitting on bases. Easier if you respond to my email if interested at tepidorator@yahoo.com. Prefer Paypal, no extra for fees.
Im interested in the brake booster. How much is shipping to 60901? It can be a "slow" shipping, I don't have to be in a hurry.
still available? Kyle, did you drop off the face of the earth?
Just spent 50 of last 70 days in hospital - relating to open heart surgery. I wouldn't wish my experience upon any man, woman or child.
So, still seeking right side P-brake cable. Ideas? thanks
Hi Everyone I just join was looking interior parts for my 1965 D100 Dodge
when I sign up I lost page where they had all the parts I needed how to I find
I have a 78 150 power wagon the cab pretty rough on it what other year models will work
I sent you a PM on Moparts but I will buy the pan with pickup and whatever mounts you have for sale. I need the 2wd but will buy the 4x4 mounts too. All sets.
richard d woolsey
have a sale pending on the pan, pickup and 4x4 mounts. have 1 set of 4x4 mounts and 2 sets of 2wd mounts left. sorry, if deal falls thru you are next in line.
$85 plus shipping. I don't take pay pal, but take Postal Money Orders. When I receive the M.O., I ship and send you the tracking number. LMK if this works, I'll have to pull it and get a quote. Not sure who will ship it and if it has to have the brackets removed, they will be in a separate box. I don't know if the bumper has to be in a box or not.
Give me a few days, have to go out of town tomorrow and again end of next week. I'll try and get it accomplished as quickly as I can. Thanks, John
mark rauch
Please no rush
Mark; The mail room quoted me a price of $125 for the bumper. I'm trying to get it a box made up. I wanted to wrap it in the clear cling, they said the companies wouldn't accept that. Also there is an up charge on anything over 48". The brackets I can get in a USPS box for for $25. Total would be $235. Not sure that's what you wanted to hear. LMK if you want to proceed. Thanks, John
Have a 00 Ranger with a headache. It was a 3.0 auto, and now is a 4.0 5speed. Now when previous owner put motor in the 4wd and gas gauge quit. I have replaced transfer case, 4wd motor, dash switch, 4wd control module....... didn’t fix it. It is an 03 engine and computer. Before I pull the engine and painstakingly go over the harness I was curious if anyone has had similar issues.
Just scored a 77 W200 old New Market Mn Fire Department truck. Standard Minnesota rust but solid and straight. 62K Should be able to post some better pics this weekend.
Now to decide if i appease my lady friend and sell the rusty 03 Dakota...? She says there is no more room in my driveway for her new Audi...... (evil laughter)...
1972-1993 dodge truck parts for sale.
richard d woolsey
looking for an under hood wiring harness OR bulkhead connector for 85 truck. i need a 40 way bulkhead please. pm me price and shipping to 62052. thank you.
GE-Truck Master
GE-Truck Master
Hello! I apologize, this whole exercise with these parts has been quite the experience. If you’re on Facebook, you need to find Daniel Mickles on one of the many dodge truck forums. He’s selling all this stuff there too so it becomes difficult to keep up with handling shipping and payment on his sells. If you still need this harness, I may need to know what extra options your truck may have.
GE-Truck Master
GE-Truck Master
That is if you need to contact me with them. There are several different 40 wire harness options depending if you have delay wipers, etc
Good morning I am new to this site looking for more information on 1976 w100 factory 400, which has been changed to a 440 78 shortbox, stepside, pre-warlock. experimental truck came out 11-95 set the format for the warlock which came out in 6-76, needs body and paint work, and was originally silver vin no. W13BJ6215593 needs floor pans,
I have everything you need gear box and pump
parting out 3-77-78 trucks
broke it fixed it broke it then lost pass word last but not the least a divorce still have all my trucks be here lots now that i have it hittin on all 8..............BEAR
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