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Aug 10, 2015
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New Jersey
My hobby is Sleeping. I can never seem to get enough. I have worked rotating shifts for about 38 years and believe me, life sucks when you are over tired & ragged out from sleep deprivation! You might say I am practicing up for the "Big Sleep"! :yawn:
I can't imagine working rotating shifts. I have several friends that work that shift they all talk about how tired they always feel. I seem to be more tired the older I get just working a first shift job.
I only went to my new job after they stopped having a day/night flip flop schedule. It's still a twelve hour shift, but I have done that for a decade so I'm fine with it. I prefer nights, but I'm on days for now.
I worked a weird rotating shift pattern for about 4 years back in 1992-96. It was anything from 8-13 hours a shift, different days, nights, days, afternoons, weekends.....way before we had kids. Still it wasn't fun for my wife....she had a lot of weekends either to herself, or listening to me snoring.

I'm trying not to work weekends any more.....that's my time now.
I prefer nights, but I'm on days for now.
I'm liking day shift much more than I thought I would. Been on time for the lat three weeks, that's three weeks more than my last job, I was late every day! But I got all that out of my system, and I'm back to being a proper worker, no messing around. Plenty of laughing, but serious when needed. But I get home, and three hours later I'm tired, naps make sense on the days off, but I haven't started, yet.
retired now, worked late nites till 2:30 am for over 30 years. overtime shifts. now I do days and have a much more balanced life. ben franklin was right, early to bed, early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy, and wise.
Ben had a way with the ladies. Not sure if it had anything to do with the early to bed. I do know he extracted enough money from them to help fund a revolution.
early to bed, early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy, and wise.
If I could & someday I will; I'd still stay in bed longer if I don't have to get up. I never had the normal, need to be needed thing. My outlook on life is "Be All You Can Be; Dream!" You might say that I am fascinated with the inside of my eyelids, lol! I suppose if I had something to look forward to, instead of a job, it might make a difference. I would be quite happy sitting around all day doing absolutely nothing as I am pretty well burned out at this point! If anyone knows that guy from the early sixties named "Michael Anthony", who gave out million dollar cashiers checks to people he never even met, please send him my way & I'll cut you in!
:smuggrin: :drinks: 👍