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"tuff wheel" on a tilt column?


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Nov 11, 2014
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comox bc
Hi Guys first post on this site just found it from abodymopars , so we have five Dodge trucks in the household the one we are working on today is a 1980 sb stepside that we we stored it has a factory tilt wheel and we just purchased a good use "tuff wheel" and adapter although it fits over the splines the turn signal actuator dosnt work nor dose the horn, any one done this before?
Well it doesn't look like anyone has run into this before but I see there is lots of reads so I thought I would update, after trying several possible solutions with no success We found a adapter on the abody site for sale that came off a Cordoba, the tangs for the signal canceler are different than ours, ( double prong like what we would need ) but otherwise the dimensions are the same, the owner said he didnt remember the column being tilt but I am thinking because it was a Cordoba it might have been?, we worked out a fair price and ordered it to be shipped hopefully next week, so when we try it we will repost, just in case anyone runs into this them selves.
Sorry I missed your original post , But I wouldn't have had an answer for you anyways because I haven't tried this before . But just to let you know , not all of the Cordoba's came with tilt . So good luck and let us know if it works . If not then maybe we can come up some other ideas .
Ok, good news, looks like it works!, the hub arrived and essentially was the same as what we had except that the metal ring for the actuator has two prongs instead of one, I will try to post pictures later but it's almost midnight and I am getting tired, lol, so really what anyone could do in a pinch is just weld on another tab to the ring and your turn signal actuator will work, the only issue we have now, ( same as before ) is there is a space between the bottom of the hub and the top of the steering column which doesn't look good most of the gap is where the bottom of the adapter steps in to fit inside of the column so I am going to make a 4" diameter by 5/8" deep collar/ring out of plastic to slip over the bottom of the hub/adapter to take up the gap, again I will post some pics here after including of the collar I will make up