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Sorry I have to Leave

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Aug 16, 2015
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Waterford NY
Well I have to go. Bought a new Dakota (my third) in 2002! Lots of info on it on this site and Ram Forum. LOVED IT!!!!!! Did everything I ever need a "truck" to do. But I live on my motorcycle most of the year, So It saw mostly the worst weather and got VERY rusty in all the locations that they rust. Hated the looks of the last generation so waited, and waited, and waited... Gave up waiting and Got a Ram. Price was crazy for a new one ( $45-60K ????) my god used ones in my area with 70K miles plus on them were $32k for vehicles that only listed for $28-30 when new!, and I wanted a bear bones basic one, with a few options (2WD, Stick - 4, 5, or 6 spd. Reg Cab Long Box, and of course a V-8). And Not from the rust belt (I live there upstate NY). Sticks are long gone, apparently most buyers have no idea how use them, or all the benefits that they offer. So I started looking on line. Found one that was close to perfect for me. But in West Virginia! 2016 Ram, 1500, Reg. cab, long Box, 3.55's, 6 spd auto (did not want he 8spd) Tradesman, 5.7, Tow package, power and remote entry, sliding window, and for Rebecca the 5.0 U- Connect. Called them on Thursday afternoon, said I would be there Sat. by 2PM if it looked as good in person as it did in pictures I'd take it, they said would hold it till then, Bank on Fri., Sat. am (5am) got on my Victory Drove to the Charlestown Area, handed over the money, loaded the bike in the back, and drove it home with a temp plate on it, got 23mpg on the way home at interstate speeds 70-85, depending on the state posted limit (WV is 75mph). So I'm headed to a ram Threads.
Also sorry as it has been a while since I have been on "For trucks Only"
I'll hang on to my 98 Ram 2500 until it is a frame and drivetrain! Like yours, a regular cab long box, but 4WD. It's just starting to show some rot, I hope it progresses slowly.

Happy for you for finding what you were looking for!