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Recommendations for new 318 2 barrel carb


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May 6, 2023
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phoenix AZ
Hello. Can someone tell me the best and affordable 2 barrel carb replacement for a 1972 Dodge D100 318? I want to stick to a 2 barrel. Thank you
I can't say it's the best, but I have used Autoline rebuilts from Rock Auto before. They worked ok
I recently put a Amazon Carter replica on my 1979 d100 and it seems to be running very good, I know some people are sceptical on using them but seems good.
I have run 1972-1979 318 trucks for years, and the carb that has worked best for the longest for my 72 W200 318 has been a Motorcraft 2150 I got in a conversion kit (that is currently sold out on EBay)......I hope to get another someday for my 75 D300 dump truck. I did OK with the Carters but they would all eventually suffer from mid range bog and idling issues....but truthfully, that was all before I found a local source for ethanol-free gas.