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New Dodge ramcharger owner ?

38 Dodge

Jan 5, 2015
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Biloxi MS
Good day all ,
I just picked up a 1978 Dodge Ramcharger and it has some issues that I will be working on to get it back in tip top shape. But the first question I would like to ask is the RC is messing the cowling that cover the wipers I wanted to know what model years I can look at to get another cowling?
Welcome to the site Ron ! There's a good bunch of guy's here I think you'll like it . And congratulations on your new Ramcharger . Is this your first one ? I've had a few of them myself and my 78 is the one I miss the most . The answer to your question is 72 threw 79 if you have the bird bath hood ( Which you should ) . Now that I've answered your question , How about a few picture's of your 78 ? I know "I'd" like to check it out !
Thanks Bear,
This is my first RC I have always wanted one but it has never been the right time until now. I am a huge MOPAR guy I have 1938 Dodge Truck, 1962 Valiant Wagon, 1967 Barracuda, a 2000 Dodge Dakota and know my RC. It has a few rust issues in the cab floor boards and passenger side of the bed area.
Here are a couple pictures I have I will take more and post them when I get. PIC 14.jpg

PIC 14.jpg
Nice ! Very Nice ! I like it ! What's she got ? A 318 or a 360 ? Feel free to post some pictures of your other rides as well . Were all Mopar gear heads here .
Hello again everyone,
Sorry I have been out I was on the road with work. Here is a quick up date on the RC No I still haven't gotten any more pictures the steering was crazy sloppy that I have been working on that.
On the drivers side The rivets that hold the leaf spring bracket in place were all loose so I just got the bracket off today. tomorrow I will drill it out to 1/2" and put some bolts in it.
The center link for the tie rods is bend so I will have to try and straighten that out or try and find another one.
The two sway bar support are bent not sure where if I can find any of those.
The brakes are shot so that will be completed after the steering but back together.
So if anyone has any helpful hints or parts sources please let me Know.
Here is a picture of the swap bar bracket I need.

sway bar post.jpg

sway bar post.jpg