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Howdy from Steven


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Feb 17, 2024
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Erie, Pennsylvania
This thread seems a little neglected, so I will refresh it a bit. Rosie ( 1978 Dodge Custom 2WD Slanty with Standard everything) and I are in "Eerie" Pennsylvania. I have a thing about older machinery. Two years ago on an ad in Hemming's I flew to Boise, Idaho to meet a fellow from Washington state and Rosie. Bought her on a Tuesday morning and after some parking lot maintenance was on the road home Tuesday afternoon. She had been rode hard and put away wet but she did everything I asked of her (MOPARS are like that). Every evening there was more parking lot maintenance: no brake lights, no turn signals, no back-up lights, no fuel gauge, no temperature gauge, loose bolts causing oil drools... you get the point. Sins of the previous owners. Got to know her wiring real well. During the day, she just ran like a Dodge; can not fault Slant Sixes. She had never been inspected and we had three months to get her ready for the State auto inspection. Scary rear brakes, mismatched front discs, more wiring, BAD D.I.Y. window tinting and more. She passed the first time through. I think she is used me now and I love her. The work goes on. By the way, there is NO rust anywhere I have been on her... and covers most everywhere. I enjoy F.T.O., and the Folks on here. Motor on y'al!
Great story, road trips like that can be fun, ( if you have the time, patience, and skills for the road side repairs) always good to save an old Dodge truck, I've had a lot of them over the years, I honestly think my favorite was a 81 s/b utiline /6 4spd o/d , I was about 35 years younger and still miss it! I had a opportunity to buy it back when my oldest son was 17 or 18 but just missed out as it was a 500kms round trip away from me and couldn't get there in the middle of the week, I actually had seen it go through a auction again about 4 years ago, one of these days maybe I'll catch up if there is anything left of it. Any way how about some photos? BTW if I were you I'd swap it to a 4spd o/d on the floor, easy swap and cheap, then even more fun than your having now! Good luck with Rosie.
I will have to run down more picts and put them up. Mom's old shoe box of Instamatics was easier to keep sorted then my cell :eggface:. Those plaid covers were O.E.M MOPAR, the part number is printed on the back for research later. the new 'Bay covers are juusst aabout the right size, then I added some new padding after the 4 day trip home from Idaho.
tn_D100  seat covers old.jpg
tn_D100 seat covers old back.jpg
tn_D100 driver side seat covers new.jpg
I remember the plad they used that for years, many north American manufacturers did, but the flowers.....wow turn down the volume.....lol, BTW, is that a short box?
Thank you, each and every one of you! learning my way around slowly. She wears a full bustle and a Tonneau.