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Heat problems????


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Sep 24, 2015
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South Carolina
I'm a mopar guy as you can tell but, I have a neighbor with a 2000 excursion with the 5.4 triton. The problem is all coolant hoses are luke warm to ice cold. I mean all of them rad. hoses, heater hoses everyone. Replace tstat and same thing. Any help would be appreciated.
Where is the temp gauge? I am assuming it is showing cold. Is the fan clutch always engaged?
Fans should be electric. Time to plug into the test port and get a temp reading. Would imagine the engine is running and warmed up during the no heat? Have not seen an engine yet that did not generate heat.
Yes fans are electric. Temp gauge Is a little above the cold side. I took It for, probably 7-8 mile ride. First floored it for the first part of the ride. Then drove like a regular person (??? still haven't found one of them) the rest of the ride. When I parked It gauge was, let's put It this way If you were to cut the gauge sweep into quadrants It, would be at the way bottom of the first quadrant. I checked all the hoses and, all the hoses were kind of warmish except for the bottom rad. hose it was cold.
Think the thermostat is sticking open letting water circulate to fast. If you have a test can with live data just plug it in and go for a drive. It will show exact temps and hopefully give a clue to what is going on.
New T.Stat. I have a buddy that is a Ford Field Engineer. You know the guy that the dealer calls when they are stumped. He told me to go to a 195 instead of the 170 also, try a back flush. If that dosen't do it then water pump needs to be changed. He was saying that if the water isn't being moved fast enough while the tstat is open then the heat would be warm at best. With the weather weve been having the pump would flow enough to keep the engine cool, especially with the 170 tstat.
I am surprised it doesn't trigger the check engine light at least if standard operating temperate can not be obtained. Then there are the issues with the computer trying to compensate to get things in proper parameters. Who would put in a 170 degree thermostat in the first place? These engines were by design to run on the warm side of things for emissions reasons.
I agree with the 195 stat, I disagree with the water pump. If the water pump wasn't moving water the engine would overheat. The water that flows through the heater core comes from the block or heads so it's on the engine side of the thermostat. One hose attaches to a pipe at the rear of the pass side valve cover, the pipe goes to a fitting under the intake and it goes to the water pump. The other hose goes to a fitting on the intake.
I just think the engine is not getting warm enough and with a 170 stat it's not hot. Do you have access to a scan tool? Check coolant temp while driving. If you change out the stat to a 195 and the engine temp comes up but the heat is still low, feel the heater hoses and if one is hot but the other is cold, back flush the heater core. It's plugged.
Fan type should make no difference while on the road at highway speeds. The fan is there just for the ride until lower speeds or parked. I find it amazingly stupid what some people will do to make vehicles run cooler. Especially ones not meant to run cool in the first place.
Okay, first thing's first. I didn't purchase the tstat. The owner did she just asked for a part and, the counter person gave her any old tstat. As for the water pump deal It would be last resort. With the info I have on it (227000+ miles, sat for 1+ year and, poorly maintained) we figured long shot worn impellers which have happened. On the year could be one of those half year deals when it comes to the fan. I haven't looked at the door for the exact mfg. date. but, It definitely has no fan. I mean my eye's are bad but, not that bad. To use a parts place for your be all end all info. well I'd say go to a Ford parts site instead they built it they'd know. I thank everyone for their help but, I'm going with my buddy he knows Fords and only Fords.
Best of luck with the repairs, I know all about poor maintenance I see it every day. I am going by memory and experience as far as the fan goes, I just use Rock auto to make a point as some people need to see it to believe the point you make. I work on all makes and models everyday, if you need us we are here.
Thanks Sporty. I know what you mean. Use to turn wrench now semi-retired. I just do a few neighbors, close friends and, family jobs. I just needed to tag out for a moment for some suggestions. I did a barter with my neighbor for a slab pour for my shop. He's a concrete guy saved me a bundle. He gets a discount on the raw materials. I mean he dosen't really bother me much for a lot of stuff but, this has been a nightmare since he traded for it. He did one of those jumped before you leap deals or, is it leap before you jump I can't remember, anyways. He was in a bind to get something bigger for his growing family, currently has 4 with 5th on the horizon. I'll keep yall posted. Thanks Again.
If he has 4 with a 5th coming I think he needs a new tv or something to keep him busy besides mama.:D
We have 5 kids all part of the 5 year plan and then the knot was tied and no more. First born in 74 the last in 80.
Ford guy says the water pump may be funky? I wouldn't doubt it, some of the things Ford does. The warmer stat should help, I've had an open tstat for the last few years and it just sucks when it's cold, but I still get some heat, even if I forget to put cardboard in front of my radiator. (Poor truck, it deserves better maintenance from me.)

Gotta love saving $$ on concrete work! I hope I can pull some strings when I get to that point.
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We have 5 kids all part of the 5 year plan and then the knot was tied and no more. First born in 74 the last in 80.
Wow!!! My hat is off to you, there were times when my 2 were too many, but we always seemed to have a few extra around when they were growing up so I seemed like I had 3-5 kids. My youngest moved out and oldest is still home, the youngest is close by and still comes over and eats everything.
Our 5 and a neighbor hood of kids some times on week ends. Making cookies and doing crafts. Then there are ones unofficially adopted into the family. A few we have lost contact with over the years but most the wife keeps track of on face book. Of the official brood there are 10 grandchildren and one great so far.

I am from a family of 5 and the wife of 10. One or two kids would not have felt normal. It kept us broke and humble but we had lots of fun.