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First Family Truck-1975 Ford F-100


Feb 3, 2022
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Peanut State, USA
Good Afternoon,
I came here from FCBO (77newyorker440), as my dad and I recently purchased a 1975 Ford F-100 with a 4 Speed Granny and 4 Wheel Drive. According to the grandson of the guy we bought her from, her name is "Hot Rod Linda". This is our first venture into a truck, so there is a lot to learn, but we are really excited to get working on it. Top items on the agenda right now are installing a new power steering pump, rebuilding the carb (Holley 1850 that leaks like crazy), and figuring out why the brakes pull to the left. After reading through the brochures, this seems to be a very low option truck with the Custom trim level, but it does have the optional 360 as well as the storage compartment in the side of the bed. Hope to find some good info on here, and some pictures are coming later today.
What's up 77newyorker440, I mean 75dentside360! Your truck reminds me of some tow trucks I rode around in. Start in 2nd unless you were loaded. Thanks for bringing back some memories.
Here are the requested photos. Learned some new info this week. The truck has what we estimated to be 204,000 miles as well as a plate on the motor stating that it was rebuilt by the now-closed Hesco Parts Corporation. Anyone heard of it? Cannot find much info about it online.


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wassup fellas ?

didn't have any of Daisey

my 1st family truck I remember was my stepdads 35 Ford PU
hotrod with a Buick/LeSal close ratio Trans & a dana 60
then a 53 Ford f100 transplanted with a built 352 FE T-10 toploader
later a 67 f250 Camper Special 352 FE, granny low 4 speed
16.5 split rims, PITA

I haven't been around for a while
I'm sure it's just their tag claiming they did the finest job in the land. I doubt they hogged it out to 390 bore. (If they share the same block, and stroke)

Welcome to the forum, and congratulations on your purchase of the 1975 Ford F-100, fondly named "Hot Rod Linda" by the previous owner's grandson. It sounds like you and your dad have an exciting project ahead with this classic truck. Learning and working on it together should be a rewarding experience.

It's great to see that you already have a list of tasks to tackle, such as installing a new power steering pump, rebuilding the carburetor (that Holley 1850), and addressing the brake issue. This community is a valuable resource, and you'll likely find plenty of information and guidance here to assist you with your restoration journey.

Additionally, thanks for sharing the photos of your truck. It's always a pleasure to see classic vehicles like yours. Regarding the engine rebuild sticker, it appears to be from Hesco Parts Corporation in Louisville, KY, with some specifications noted. While I'm not familiar with Hesco, it's possible they were known for their engine work.

Feel free to continue sharing updates on your progress, and if you have any questions or need advice along the way, don't hesitate to ask. The members here are quite knowledgeable and willing to help. Enjoy your time here, and best of luck with your F-100 restoration!

Happy truck tinkering!