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FOUND Exhaust manifold

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I have a BUNCH of 318 and 360 manifolds. I'd sell any one of them pretty cheap but to get the right one, I'd need a casting number or a description on it. Center dump? With or without the air injection ports? Outlet flange size and style?
Center dump, air injection. Driver side.

Okay. I do have several center dump units. I can check casting numbers tomorrow. I'd only need $25 plus shipping.
Sir, I do apologize!
I had a Drs appt today, got some great news and spent the rest of the day doing stuff in the house. I am embarrassed to admit that I forgot to confirm the part number of the manifolds.
I assure you, I do have several. I just need to follow through to my word to you.
Sorry for the delay.
This is the strangest thing.
I have 5 of these center dump manifolds, two have oxygen sensors in them. NONE of them have the casting number that you need.
Sorry for the delay and the disappointment.
No problem. I think I've located one just across the river in Oklahoma.
Thanks for looking.
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