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Body side moldings


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Dec 24, 2015
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S.E. Pa.
Does any one know where I can find the some of the factory side moldings & clips for an 87 Dodge D250? (wide & I think they are aluminum)If I have to find them in a salvage yard I will but the clips must be new. Any help would great. (Didn't get the truck yet, but will buy it today)
I have a bunch of the moldings and even a few original clips. New clips are available, I think, but last I heard they were around $5 apiece!!
I will save your info for later date. Picking up truck today or tomorrow & just needs a couple moldings that are missing. I will send pix of what I need. They look like the same ones on your avatar. Thanks for the help Polara 500.
I'll be in touch with you first if I need them. I would like to spend as little as possible on this thing. Make it look good, run good & be a dependable work truck. Thanks
still have those moldings? Need some for my 85. mainly pass side of bed behind back tire
Right at 28-3/8" long.
Old thread, finally starting to get into my trucks body work. Wanted to bump so I can find easier as the process goes.