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Best way to drain diesel from a 97 2500


Banned Old Stinky Fart
Jun 4, 2011
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Paserdener TX
I don't drive my truck all that much these days and the majority of the fuel is old and even though it's had fresh fuel added, I'd like to drain it all and add fresh fuel to a nearly empty tank. Not going to throw away the old fuel if it still looks good.....will put some of it in my Varsol vat.
The tank is just shy of a few gallons of being full and the range is of that much fuel is 500 miles and the fuel is already 17 months old.....I just don't go anywhere much these days.
Drive it
diesel doesn't go bad in the same way as today's gas.
I agree with Volaredon, don't worry about it, just drive it. If it makes you feel better add some Stanadyne, Powerservice white or silver bottle to the fuel. If you really want to drain it, rig up a electric pump on the feed line from the sending unit and pump it into a container. You can connect to the feed line under the hood
You're in Texas what could happen to the fuel? Worried about it freezing and gelling? Don't see that as being a problem.