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Any Dodge diesel guys here?


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Jun 7, 2024
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So about ten years ago I attended my first Mopar nationals with my best friend.
We towed my Cuda to the event with his truck.
It’s a 99 Ram with a 24Valve , a mechanical P pump , a fass fuel pump, bigger injectors, stick build, automatic, and it’s a service body truck with a Tommy lift gate on the back.
That truck pulled that car and trailer like it wasn’t even there.
I drive the truck from Columbus Ohio back to Georgia without a single hiccup.
It was fun learning how to “properly “ drive a diesel truck.
Even though it was an automatic I learned about EGT’s, and how to use the OD button thanks to the ridiculous shifting sequence in the 47 RE Automatic transmission.
I remember telling my buddy that if he ever sold that truck to please let me know cause I want that freaking thing.
We’ll fast forward 8 years and here we are.
I bought that truck after it sat for about 5 years under some pine trees.
It needed cleaned up but still ran like a boss.
I pretty much went through the truck and fixed and changed or rebuilt every wearable item I could think of including all maintenenace related fool, filters, fluids and the usual upgrades like a big ass air filter, etc.
So after driving this 500,000 mile beast it was evident that the torque converter lock up solenoid just does not like to co operate with the intentions of my driving habits so I did some digging and I’m now waiting on a used NV 4500 five speed set up somI can shift gears knowing it will be , and stay in the gear that I put it in.
This is going to be a killer upgrade.
Also the engine has some pretty serious blowby and burns oil past the rings and you can see it vaporize into great smoke while idling.
It uses about a quart of oil every 2 hours of driving which is pretty rough.
Sooooo…..being the best friend my buddy is….we are going to install the 5 speed set up on this tired motor while we send out hos other NON (53) block engine to get rebuilt from a trusted friend who knows his way around diesel engines like a 15 year old boy does pornhub and we will then tank and trade this motor for the new rebuild and then row gears on a solid system so I will finally be able to tow my tractor to my hunting property for some man-toy fun on the farm time and also be able to take my barracuda via trailer to some out of state events.
I’m very stoked, and cert stroked about getting this process completed.
I hope to share more of my adventures with y’all on this .
It has been many hears but I was on FABO for quite a few years under another name.
I won’t share that right now as a lot of things have happened in my life since so I will keep that up to suspicion but I’m sure some of you may be able to interpret my writing style to a familiarity.