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WANTED 91-93 dodge d150 fuel tank


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Aug 12, 2019
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Im looking for a 30 gallon fuel tank for a 91-93 dodge d150. I need the tank, sending unit, and electrical plug that plugs into the sending unit. I live on the Wisconsin Illinois border and the closest one i can find in a junk yard is in ohio. If anyone near me is parting one out i would greatly appreciate any help. Thank you in advance.
I looked online and everywhere i looked says those tanks are discontinued. I can find the sending unit but not the tank.
found several on car-parts.com but are scattered around the country. try mike slay on face book. he sells all kinds of mopar stuff. he is in tiffin ohio.
I was hoping for something closer to me so i dont have to spend an arm and a leg on shipping a fuel tank. I dont have face book.