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2002 Dakota Big Block conversion.


Dec 13, 2014
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Hartford, Illinois
I just dropped in a low deck 383 mopar motor and 727 transmission. Up and running . DID Not use Shumacher kit or parts . To expensive . LOL Any way anyone know what I need to do to clear shifter position indicator so it stops flashing and running from park to low constantly?
Also I'm open to ??? on how to do this conversion . This is my second time and I believe I have it it down to a science . LOL. And yes bolt on headers are available from parts stores for a little over $200 . You have to make a slight mod to drivers side and they slide in and bolt right up. Thanks for this web site Hope to hear from someone soon.
Sorry I haven't done this swap "yet" , So I don't think I'd be much help to you on the shifter . But it sounds like an interesting build . Did you think of starting a build thread on it ? I know "I" would be checking it out if you did . Hint , Hint ! lol
Well you could start one here in this section or you could start one in the "Member Restorations" section . Take plenty of picture's as you go ( and post them ) and keep us updated on what your doing . I'll be starting one on my Warlock probably in a couple of months in the "Member Restorations" . Progress has been to slow so far for my to start one yet . But you can start one anytime .
I'd like to see a build thread here on a BB in a Dakota too,
all the details & specifics of the build, photos too maybe
Yeah see , I'm not the only one . lol
I have already completed the build. I have a few pics of the motor and the the brackets I used . I will be posting soon . Fairly simple stuff . I really believe i the "K.I.S.S." method of building anything . So I'll be posting some pics and info soon. Thanks guys and if I can help you with your build . shoot me some questions , and I'll do my best to answer.
The K.I.S.S method is the best method I've always found to be the best myself . To many people make things waaaay to complicated , and to me , leaves open to have more thing to go wrong . and sometimes a lot more expensive as well .
where is the fun in this anyway if you are not willing to do some fabrication and some mismatching of parts.
I look forward to seeing the build photos & more details of K.I.S.S. type build...LOL