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1974 D100 Restomod


Restomod - The new Hotrod
May 23, 2024
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Visalia CA
Hey all, Just crossed the river from FABO, just wanting to show my ongoing progress with my 74 D100. At this moment the chassis is repaired and nearly ready for the prep work to get it coated. Everything Im doing is video logged and put on youtube. The more feedback I get from the places Im posting the better the build will end up! Im putting all my knowledge and wisdom from being a former FCA technician of 7 years and a mechanic for much longer into this project. The restomod part of my build is the Aces fuel injection conversion and all new fuel system from fuel cell to throttle body, a brake system upgrade from master cylinder to rear brakes, modified suspension, a brand new 12 circuit hotrod wiring harness from Jegs, and a custom gauge panel with Autometer gauges from my website dwgaugepanels.com.

Heres my latest video where I poorly explain the process of repairing cracks in the chassis, making the front of the chassis rigid, and modifying the front suspension.