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  1. A

    2008 Silverado 1500 Whine

    I have a 2008 Silverado 1500 4x4 that makes a whining noise when you put it into gear. The truck does not make the noise in park or neutral. When I get to going around 40 mph down the road the noise stops. Truck has 155000 miles on it and the person I bought it from says it has been doing it...
  2. S

    FOR SALE 1979 dodge Adventure 1/2 ton,

    rebuilt 318 engine some rust on the running boards, frame is in good shape, tailgate and hood in good shape, windsheild needs to be replaced, it is a project truck that I have lost interest in finishing it. If interested email me at sruff7199@bellsouth.net.
  3. Edward1985

    Need advice from true Ford fans

    Hello, guys. Anyone had this F450? It has stolen my heart, is it durable?
  4. C

    FOR SALE 68 Dodge d100 Bed/trailer for sale

    D100 bed and or a great tow behind trailer. New tires, bed is complete including tail gate. Original frame used to make trailer frame. Asking $500
  5. StrokerMan

    FOR SALE 1982 D250 Single Cab Long Bed

    I’m selling my first dodge truck. A 1982 D250 single cab long bed. The truck is missing some body parts but is set up for a small block and 727 trans. Has a Dana 60 rear end with 3.54 gears. Header fell onto the starter terminal and is the reason for the state it’s in. The dash was cracking and...
  6. TRoy

    Should I rent my truck to strangers?

    I'm thinking about renting my truck and a trailer. What do y'all think? I found this article on Hard Working Trucks and was thinking about adding my truck and a trailer for rent on Fluid Market. As anyone done this yet? By looking at Fluid's website it looks like all the insurance and...
  7. E

    Finding Ford F-250 Emblems

    Hey, whats going on everyone! I just joined this forum today and I'm looking for a Ford F-250 Illuminated Emblems for the model year 2011. so if u know anyone out there just let me know! Thank you.
  8. N

    Cheryl Got Her Truck Stuck In The Mud!

    This video was hilarious. I am the guy who filmed it. Cheryl was trying to dump off her landcaping debris off in the woods, She decided to drive her 2 wheel drive truck in the mud. She sunk it about 2 feet deep in the mud. LMAO Hope you enjoyed watching this video of her getting dragged out...