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    Bigger tire/ noise help

    I just went from 255\70\17 to 285/70/17 and they look great with plenty of room. I went for initial drive after getting them on and a few miles up HWY i heard a single loud klunk from front right side, similiar to a rock but much louder and bigger. a few miles later i heard the same noise from...
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    FOR SALE Tires w/ Wheels off my Chevy $1600 less 1000 miles!!

    This set of tires and wheels are off of my brand new 2019 Chevy Silverado. They are "LT265/70R18" I rode on them for about 2 weeks until my new ones came in. They are in great condition with little to no signs of wear on the treads. They are for sale for $1600 including freight to the...
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    Tire Carriers

    Hey guys, Looking for a tire carrier for my truck, pretty open to the style. Anyone have any favorite brands or styles? Please let me know!