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model trucks

  1. 67 Power Wagon

    '65 Dodge A100 Monster Truck "Doomz Day" Model build

    So everyone, As most may know, I'm a Moparian, YES I love almost EVERYTHING "Mopar" but.... the Dodge A100 (for whatever reason) has a special place in my heart, I would LOVE to build a real one some day for a daily driver, OR have an A108 Van version, I just like the looks of the old A100...
  2. 67 Power Wagon

    My "Plastic Addiction"....

    So in the general area, I posted pictures of 2 model trucks I'm building, BY NOW, those reading this ought to know I have a "plastic addiction" yes, I enjoy building super detailed model cars trucks what have you...... Even some wild stuff.....SO with that heres some of the stuff, I get into as...