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    FOR SALE 2008 Ford F-550 Flatbed Dump

    Vancouver, WA | Asking 45k | Offers welcome:) 2008 Ford F-550 for sale and ready for a new owner! This truck has been meticulously maintained through the years and is equipped with a fully operational Flatbed Dump. This Flat Truck has extremely low miles and has been broken in yet! ONLY 5,182...
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    Used Truck Buying - help/suggestions please.

    In the wise and holy words of Ace Ventura, "Alrighty then!" Use: I am a traveling laboratory contractor for hospitals, I tend to take 13 or 26 week contracts (3 or 6 month) and I've been traveling light using a Subaru Crosstrek 2015. I put relatively low miles on my vehicle as I tend to find...
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    FOR SALE 2001 Ford F-550

    2001 Ford F550 Fontaine hauler for sale in great condition 7.3 diesel engine 19 1/2 inch Alcoa wheels Fifth wheel setup Lariat leather interior package Highway Tires in great condition with brand new spare Like new black bed cover 30000 lb air ride rear end Straight front axle Priced at...