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  1. SpilledSoup

    1981 D150 ‘Slant Six to 440 Swap’

    Hey, so I have a 1981 d150 with original /6. Picked up a 1978 440 out of a Winnebago. My tranny (original) is the 727 so I’m not concerned there (although I did get the 727 out of the Winnebago too). My questions for anyone who knows or has done this, (this is my first full swap project) but...
  2. P


    WANTED: DODGE TRUCK MIRRORS RT/LFT Need them complete. My mirror is too badly scratched. Would like to just get an entire unit. Need both sides. Mirror area must be in great cond. No large scratches or staining. Not tons of pits on chrome base, some okay. MANY THANKS!!!! :moparsmiley:
  3. K

    swap a318 to a 225

    some how in the last 3 months i acquired a 1989 and a 1993 d150s love the trucks wife said keep 1 both have 318s with over 200 thousand miles a friend swaped a 225 for a 360 wants to give me the motor ,it has 79000 miles my question is is it hard to swap 318 to a 225? 225 out of a car