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classic el-camino

  1. J

    Hi, I a mopar man from way back

    I'm retired law enforcement, and drove many mopars in the last 40 yrs...I subscribe to the a bodies site and enjoy it very much..I came across an el-camino in 1988 and have used it many times over the years.. well it needs a total restoration bodywise... it drives fine and is currantly licensed...
  2. J


    1975 el-camino,p.s.,p.b.,a.t, p.w., 400 cu. in. eng., 4 bbl.carb., turbo trans., posi. rear. factory towing pkg. original fiberglass bed cover. engine runs fine no smoke. licensed and insured. needs paint and body work, and interior work. can be driven as is...$2,000.00 obo.