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big block

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    Need help - 78 Dodge W200 400 bb - bracket locations and bolts for throttle linkage and other brackets on top end of engine

    It pains me to have to admit this - I though I took more care to keep everything organized.. While doing exhaust work on my truck I had to take off the heads (which means intake, valley pan, throttle linkage, other bracket/s also) to get broken exhaust studs extracted. When I went to reassemble...
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    FOR SALE Rebuilt 440 + Bellhousing + NP4530.

    Up for sale is a freshly Rebuilt 440 plus original steel Bellhousing plus heavy duty NP4530 four speed truck tranny. The 440 has never even been started and was recently completely redone and upgraded. Bigger cam, quality parts, etc. The transmission is missing the shifter but everything else...
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    FOR SALE Mopar BigBlock Truck Bellhousing

    Used Big Block Mopar Truck bell-housing PN 3497272. Casting date 8/30/77. For NP435 Trans with 5.125 bearing retainer. Looks to be in good condition with clutch fork, boot and clutch adjustment rod. Also included is an internally balanced 11” flywheel. Needs a clutch fork pivot bracket. Will...