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  1. O

    FOR SALE Rebuilt 440 + Bellhousing + NP4530.

    Up for sale is a freshly Rebuilt 440 plus original steel Bellhousing plus heavy duty NP4530 four speed truck tranny. The 440 has never even been started and was recently completely redone and upgraded. Bigger cam, quality parts, etc. The transmission is missing the shifter but everything else...
  2. SpilledSoup

    1981 D150 ‘Slant Six to 440 Swap’

    Hey, so I have a 1981 d150 with original /6. Picked up a 1978 440 out of a Winnebago. My tranny (original) is the 727 so I’m not concerned there (although I did get the 727 out of the Winnebago too). My questions for anyone who knows or has done this, (this is my first full swap project) but...