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  1. DartVador

    Ram Power Wagon vs Snowplow

    I was driving a Ram 3500 dually 6.7 Cummins. I had planned on getting into some hot-shot hauling. As time was going on, I looked into costs involved of getting into hot-shot hauling, I looked at my current income - collecting a steady check every 2 weeks, and looked at driving a dually just to...
  2. DartVador

    2011 Sierra Duramax

    Wow - is this forum new or are there no Duramax owners on FTO? This particular section must be new or I didn't see it when I did a different thread in a different forum on my 2011 2500HD with a Duramax. I made a HUGE mistake when I bought my 2011 by not doing research first. I had two other...
  3. DartVador

    Emissions in Wisconsin

    Has anyone ever heard of a DOT officer handing out a ticket for emissions violations in Wisconsin? I am betting not - unless they already had someone pulled over for something else and then found the emissions violation. I know or think diesels are tested for emissions in a couple counties in...
  4. DartVador

    2011 Duramax

    About 30 months ago I was looking for a used diesel 2500HD or 3500. I found a 2011 2500HD that was extremely well maintained with about 35000 miles on it. I got a good deal on it. BUT - I WISH I had done some research on 2011s first. The truck was great for a few months. Then it started to...