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  1. patrick66

    Mopars at the Peaks, OKC, June 10th 2017

    The Central Oklahoma Mopar Association will present its 34th Annual all-Mopar car show, "Mopars at the Peaks" Saturday, June 10th at Twin Peaks in Oklahoma City. Lots of classes for all kinds of Mopars, very cool door prizes, and much more! Pre-registration will be open soon! More details will...
  2. patrick66

    1960 - 1966 Chevy or GMC LWB roller wanted

    Looking for a relatively complete roller, does NOT need engine or transmission. Prefer a titled truck. No rusty garbage! Will travel up to 600 miles from central Oklahoma for the right truck. PM me here with your email address and contact info, thanks! Patrick
  3. patrick66

    Parting '73 Chevy Cheyenne C-20

    In central Oklahoma. Fairly rusty truck with GOOD hood, tailgate with trim, cab, dash cluster, door glass, slider rear glass, excellent front chrome bumper, headlight doors, and aftermarket tube grille. Emblems all good. Door guts are all good, glass goes up and down nicely. Decent trailer...
  4. patrick66

    1968 Dodge D100 #2

    patrick66 posted a new classified: 1968 Dodge D100 #2 1968 D100 LWB 4x2 Read more about the classified...
  5. patrick66

    1968 Dodge D100

    patrick66 posted a new classified: 1968 Dodge D100 Dodge D100 for sale Read more about the classified...
  6. patrick66

    Sittin' on the computer!

    Sittin' on the computer!
  7. patrick66

    Central Oklahoma Mopar Association 33rd Annual Mopars at the Corral June 12, 2016

    The 33rd Annual Central Oklahoma Mopar Association Mopars at the Corral Car Show and Swap Meet! Saturday, June 11th, 2016 Parking lot of the Santa Fe Cattle Company restaurant, SE 29th and Air Depot, Midwest City, Oklahoma. Across from Tinker AFB. Easy access off I-40! Live music...
  8. patrick66

    fargo L-700 at home

    These have a tilt cab already.
  9. patrick66

    How many miles are on your Dakota?

    My first Dakota was a brand-new '93 Club Cab, 5.2L V8 automatic, 4x4. Had that for about three years and 47K miles. Not the best truck, as it went through three overdrive units and three fan clutches. After I sold the blue/silver truck, the paint went away nearly all at once. Now, I have a...
  10. patrick66

    And yes they did call this a truck...1979 Plymouth Arrow Pickup Truck

    Engines in the Omni/Horizon - Dodge Omni and Plymouth Horizon (and Talbot Horizon) engines And the 2.2L - Mopar (Dodge/Plymouth/Chrysler) 2.2 liter engine - TBI or carbureted The Rampage/Scamp is a pickup based on the Charger/TC3. The rear axle is different in the truck, but they are...
  11. patrick66

    Lets see your Dodge trucks! Post some Pic's!

    Here is the 1941 Plymouth PT125 1/2-ton pickup I owned for a couple of years. It has a 1958 Plymouth flathead Six with Offenhauser head and lots of chrome goodies! I sold this to a guy in Dallas last Summer, and he drove it back to Dallas on the state highways. Now, it is for sale through a...
  12. patrick66

    Lets see your Dodge trucks! Post some Pic's!

    Here are my two '68 D100 trucks. Both identical 318, auto, blue/white, heater, radio. One has been lowered three inches by reversing the rear spring shackles and by using a 3" Sid's dropped front axle. The lowered truck now wears Fargo emblems, and has a FARGO tailgate that I need to finish...
  13. patrick66

    What should I save from my 1980 D200?

    Pull everything that is serviceable. Even good fasteners. You'll regret not parting that to the last useable bolt if you don't.
  14. patrick66

    My '85 GMC 2500 High Sierra

    My '85 GMC 2500. Sahara Tan, 350HD 4-bbl, TH400, 4.10 Dana 70, air, tilt, ps, pdb, AM/FM, bone-stock truck mechanically and body. Owned since April 2015. Bought it to pull my car hauler, but some lowlife SOB stole the hauler!
  15. patrick66

    New guy who drives old Dodge trucks

    The first is the unmodded truck and the other is the lowered truck.
  16. patrick66

    1957ish Dodge Truck

    Looks like you have a '57. This has quite a bit of one-year-only parts, including the front fenders, hood, grille and (IIRC) the doors. The rear fenders, tailgate and bed are used over many years.
  17. patrick66

    New guy who drives old Dodge trucks

    I'm Patrick, in OKC, OK. I have a pair of '68 Dodge D100 Custom pickups. Both are identical blue and white long wide beds 4x2s, with 318 automatics, heaters and AM radios. One is a lowered truck, with reversed rear spring mounts and a Sid's 3" dropped front axle, and otherwise stock. The...