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    LA360 into 91 Dak

    Boy I wouldda thought there would be more activity in this forum..... I'm dropping-in from FABO, where I am AJ/FormS. Hello to all. I was recently offered for zero dollars, a 91 Dakota,regular cab shortbox, 3.9/5speed; with a blown engine. I have an LA 360HO 400hp. I was thinking of dropping...
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    Introducing FTO's Newest Member: AJ.

    yur signup page sux Location: Manitoba Canada I am an active member over on FABO; known there as AJ/FormS I would have signed up here as same but the registry sux. I spent over 30 minutes filling in what? 5 boxes? I was ready to give up, but persevered on account of I have some questions,lol...