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  1. NioMarvin83

    Truck buying advice

    As for me, it is better Ford Ranger, normal price and the characteristics I myself ride on such in wall work. Good diesel car, there are railings, there is a place in the body. Depending on what you need and where you live, it is a warm or cold zone. You can think of the Ram 1500, but I do not...
  2. NioMarvin83

    My Hobby - Driving

    What an interesting topic! I don't know if you can call it a hobby, but I like to look at Google Maps to choose some strange places where I would never go in my life. And on my truck from wall work truck I drive there. It is very interesting! Sometimes you get into such beautiful places, I...
  3. NioMarvin83

    Tire air pressure sensor

    Fill up the air in all the types as per the tire recommended pressure. Release air from each tire one after another one which does not send the correct tire pressure/ out of range message to the car display panel is the one that is faulty. You then refill the tire to correct pressure, mark the...
  4. NioMarvin83

    My Baby!!!

    Looks great. And although I am basically a fan of old cars, I still prefer newer cars. How do you like my car, I bought it with motortrader with 128 miles, so far I have hit 163 miles. Of course, she's not the newest either, but still. And yours is certainly cool. I understand she is on gas?
  5. NioMarvin83

    who has some knowledge about aftermarket parts for first gen durangos?

    Hi, I can recommend a site that I myself recently used to buy parts. Surprisingly quickly they got me a rare part for my truck. Of course, if it doesn't help, then I'm sorry.