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    @allencf you have a pm
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    SOLD 1991 d150 short bed

    PRICE DROP TO 4K or trade for 67-76 "a" body 2dr or s/wagon or 64-67 "b" body 2 dr or s/wagon. must have clear title, no rust buckets or race cars.
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    SOLD 1991 d150 short bed

    4x2. 138k on truck. it has pw, pdl, power mirrors, tilt, cruise, rear slider, good tires, alum rims, 2.71/2.76 rear gears, 318 tbi, 518 o/d non lock up tc. the following items are NEW- timing chain and gears, water pump, in tank fuel pump assembly, fuel filter, belts and hoses, complete rear...
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    SOLD big block pan kit

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    SOLD big block pan kit

    new price. 200.00 plus shipping.
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    SOLD 10 or 11 inch brake kit

    11 inch kit sold. more next week.
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    SOLD 10 or 11 inch brake kit

    backing plates blasted and painted. new napa shoes, wheel cyl, hardware and self adjuster kits. choice of 10 or 11 inch kit. price is for both drivers and pass side. 200.00 shipped to lower 48.
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    SOLD big block pan kit

    big block truck pan, pickup, 2wd mounts, dipstick and tube. 225.00 plus shipping.
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    SOLD clock

    fits 75-80. been in storage for long time. worked 10 years ago when put in storage. will take pp. will ship from 62052/62035. 125.00 shipped to lower 48. pm time determines buyer if more than 1 buyer. pm me here.
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    FOR SALE 5.2 magnum flywheel.

    from my 1993 d250 w/nv3500. has approx 96k on it. comes with flywheel and pp bolts. will take pp. asking 150.00 obro plus shipping from 62052/62035. will ship cheapest way possible. pm me here. will load pic of back side in a little bit.
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    FOR SALE cables

    i have 2-4085896 heater cables-76-80 w/ac-75.00 each shipped to lower 48. i have 1- 3635277 heater cable for 72-77- 67.00 shipped to lower 48. i have 1 3635001 speedometer cable for 72-77-62.00 shipped to lower 48. will take pp, cash or usps m/o. will ship from 62052/62035. pm me here.
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    1979 d100 engine bracket ?

    had a pair. sent you a pm. you waited too long. sold them on fb.
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    Axle donor

    9.25 from an 84/85 2wd or 4wd. make sure you measure the bolt patter. i searched on face book and it took about 3 weeks to find a 9.25. make sure you ask for a 12 bolt cover as most guys don't know a 8.25 from a 9.25. luckily the rear ends are the same so you won't have to switch driveshafts
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    SOLD 1971-1993 Dodge Truck parts for sale

    hope you aren't in a hurry. i pm'd them may 4 and still have not heard from them. it is amazing that people put parts up for sale and never follow thru. maybe he has a good reason for not answering. maybe not. a lot of people on face book are that way also.
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    WANTED 91-93 dodge d150 fuel tank

    mike slay 419-934-3831.
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    WANTED 91-93 dodge d150 fuel tank

    found several on car-parts.com but are scattered around the country. try mike slay on face book. he sells all kinds of mopar stuff. he is in tiffin ohio.
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    WANTED 91-93 dodge d150 fuel tank

    did you try car-parts.com
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    WANTED short bed step side or regular bed

    for a 72-93 shortbed truck. as close to st louis mo as possible. don't want a rusted out/dented everywhere pos. thanks in advance.
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    WANTED 9.25 rear axle

    already have. seems even though you put in 12 bolt cover 3.55. the yards still try to sell you an 8.25 10 bolt rear end.
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    WANTED 9.25 rear axle

    looking for a 9.25 rear axle to fit my 91 d150. bolt pattern is 5x5.5. prefer 3.55 and within bout 250-300 miles of st louis mo. don't want a rear end that has set in the creek or so rusty you can't tell what it is. money waiting for right deal.