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    78 Dodge d150 carburetor adjustment questions

    If the cable is too tight, it surely can prevent the throttle plates from closing. Pull of the cable. Hold the throttle against the stop screw. The cable should slide on the pin with no effort. If too short, adjust the cable at the adjustment. For reference.......
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    78 Dodge d150 carburetor adjustment questions

    Are you thinking the cable is too short now and holding the throttle open?
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    77 w100 throttle link?

    The adapter bracket is on correctly. You need the Mopar stud (or equivalent) for that large hole to attach the cable. Pull from the inside of that bracket rather than the outside where the ball stud is mounted. Forget the ball stud completely. It's too low and likely to cause high pedal effort.
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    77 w100 throttle link?

    Cable connects on the Mopar stud on this side...
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    77 w100 throttle link?

    You lack the stud. Similar on a Holley. This is a longer automatic stud............. Usually on E-bay cheap. VansAuto............ https://vansauto.com/?s=Carburetor+Linkage+Stud
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    What are these

    Possibly provisions for a backup plate for a swingout tire carrier such as this.........
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    74 D100 Header Bolt Blues.

    FWIW, I keep the cut edges sharp. Just a small corner break. Those button heads are pretty shallow as I recall. Don't toss the cut off portion as you can use 'em with a box end wrench.
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    FOR SALE '74 Plymouth 440 Auto Trailduster Radiator 3 Row

    '74 Plymouth 440 Auto Trailduster Radiator 3 Row. (same as Ramcharger I believe) I do not have the shroud. Been sitting for years in my shed. Held pressure when removed. No idea if it still holds. $150 as is, cash and carry or PP and carry. Sorry, no shipping. 60542 area. Tanx fer lookin'!
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    02-05 Ram 1500 HEMI

    FWIW, Rust is the main issue on my '05 with 130K on my 5.7 1500. No cylinder cancel on it. After I cleaned out the throttle body of caked on muck, I can get 18-19/gal @ 60 mph best on flat road and not towing the boat. 70 gets me 16-17 best case. Some seasoned experience and common issues...
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    02-05 Dodge Ram Info Please

    My 05' 1500 Ram 5.7 runs and shifts well at 135K. Lol, rust, rot, box and rocker decay! LSD issues with the 9-1/4". Heat directional door issues. ………. Common Issue's with the Dodge Ram.. - DodgeForum.com
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    Considering buying a new truck

    You'll surely want to check for rust in the box wheel wells, rockers, and door bottom corners. 3rd Gen Ram Tech - DodgeForum.com
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    On A Bodies Only-[FOR SALE] 1975 Dodge Ramcharger 360, auto, 4wd

    Not mine...….. [FOR SALE] - 1975 Dodge Ramcharger 360, auto, 4wd
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    how much torque - 1/2" lug studs/nuts

    IMO, You may need to re-torque new studs several times. My '77 SM say's 85-125 foot pounds. Never broke a lug stud on the AW Ramchargers or Trailduster that I had. an old mid 80's picture...........
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    My Hobby. Custom pressed steel

    Lol, Mine is in the "distressed" stage...........
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    FOR SALE 1984 Ram D150 Prospector (not mine)

    4 Sale on abodies. Here's the link if you're curious.............. www.forabodiesonly.com/mopar/threads/1984-ram-d150-prospector.396209/
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    Does anyone recognize these tail light lenses?

    Tail Light URO Parts 1372441 fits 81-89 Volvo 245 | eBay
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    Dodge vs. Chevy Truck Tug o' War Humiliation

    Lol, That ought to put some flat spots on those tires!
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    Lets see your Dodge trucks! Post some Pic's!

    Got it after the '78 snow storm. '79 kinda' sucked for plow work around here.
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    Lets see your Dodge trucks! Post some Pic's!

    If it helps, I bought this '79 W200 SnoCommander new off the lot. Scan of an old picture sorry for the blur.
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    Dodge 9-1/4" LSD Center

    Daves69 posted a new classified: Dodge 9-1/4" LSD Center 9-1/4" LSD Center '83 and Earlier Read more about the classified...