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    Bed Toolbox, good idea?

    I'm likely not the one to give advice. I not only don't know anything, heck, I don't even suspect anything. But I do have a diamond-plate cross-bed tool box in my '90 F150 extended cab pickup. Came with the truck, and it's handy. The truck's only jacked up a couple of inches. The toolbox is...
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    What's a tailgate worth, and what year trucks does it fit?

    Yeah...I sorta figured it might go on any of the dent-sides, and your opinion supports that view. Thank you for the input!
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    Little Rhode Island Mopar

    If you stand on the shore at the northwest corner of Tiverton, right on the Mass/RI line, and look NW across Mount Hope Bay, three miles away you'll see the low silhouette of Touisset Point. Almost 77 years back my parents lived in a tiny house on Touisset Pt. I was raised there for three...
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    What's a tailgate worth, and what year trucks does it fit?

    I had a nice '77 F150. It died on Labor day, caught in a wildfire. I had it repainted back in 2004, then put a canopy on it with full rear doors...so no need for a tailgate. The tailgate has been sitting in my garage for 15 years or so. It's in excellent shape. I just listed it on...
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    New member...old F-150's

    I'm not much of a joiner, rather hang back in the weeds. But I need some answers, and this looks like a place to get them. I had a lovely '77 F-150 4x4, 460 ci, nice silver metal-flake paint job, and jacked up pretty high. I'm an old f@rt, It was a truck for a teenager, always felt foolish...