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    '81-'93 Dodge glove box lock replacement

    Silly little thing but can't find anything in the factory shop manual. Nor do I seem to be able to figure it out. When I remove the retaining screws the lock assembly is loose but the exterior bezel won't pull through the hole in the door. It seems like the exterior bezel has to be removed...
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    FOUND '87 dodge Medium Blue glove box

    The hinge on my glove box gave out the other day and I'm hoping one of you can help. Would like to find one in correct color as I'm no painter. Or if you've fixed one of these feel free to offer up your technique/method. This medium blue color started in '87 and is not the same hue as the blue...
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    SOLD 1947 Dodge 1ton with Herman delivery van body

    1947 Dodge 1 ton, single rear wheel, Herman bodied delivery truck. This truck has had the brake and fuel systems gone thru. Has four (4) new tires with less than a 100 mi. on them and a new 6V battery. The general condition of the body is quite good for it's age. One back door and one right side...
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    Van bumpers on a pickup

    At the junk yard I see van bumpers that have the same shape and width as my pickup (an '87) bumpers. I have been wanting to remove the bent rear step bumper from my pickup and was wondering if I can use the van rear non-step (or front) on my pickup. They do have additional mounting holes and I...
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    longer rear shackles for leveling

    After reviewing the lowering/leveling discussions on here I find I need a clarification before modding my '87 D150. The most detailed thread stated they used the 1-2" drop shackles from a 88-98 Chevy c 10 and modified them. Has anybody tried the same part for a pre '88 c 10 or something else...
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    FOUND '87 -later ash tray face

    Need an 87-later medium blue ash tray faceplate. This is the dash colored face of the ash tray with the handle built in. Obtained '86 - prior light blue type but it is a much lighter shade of blue. Willing to purchase or trade for equal value. Needle in a haystack???
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    Dodge door panels

    Looking for dodge ram/ramcharger door panels in Tan color. Looking preferrably for 1987 specifically because tan color is lighter shade than 88 on with manual windows. Would consider 85-86 short style also. Needle in a haystack perhaps but until one asks. Willing to pay or trade for nice...