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  1. Fabcon

    Hello from Okc.

    Welcome and nice project
  2. Fabcon

    Midwest Mopars In The Park 2021

    Well I just checked their wed page and they are letting people register so I signed up. Anyone else coming if they are able to move forward with this show? June 4-6
  3. Fabcon

    Dads ol dodge

  4. Fabcon

    Dads ol dodge

    What brand of black paint did you use on the plastic interior parts.
  5. Fabcon

    Hello from East Tennessee

  6. Fabcon

    WANTED Seat Belt buckle cover

    Well no need to keep looking I found a full set of NOS seat belts on Ebay and picked them up. Thanks to everyone for looking
  7. Fabcon

    New guy from Piney Flats, TN

    Nice 84
  8. Fabcon

    The newest FNG here! yay me

    Wow that is one serious front bumper can’t wait to see the rest of the mods
  9. Fabcon

    New member in Southern California

  10. Fabcon

    New, from San Diego

    Very nice looking truck, I wish I had more room
  11. Fabcon

    New guy from Piney Flats, TN

    Welcome and we really like pictures
  12. Fabcon

    WANTED Seat Belt buckle cover

    I had a buddy that took the black ones off his 1982 dodge that we tried but they didn’t fit. Will keep looking, Dart4forte let me know if you find anything. I know there’s some out there i just need to find them. Hopefully stuff gets back to some kind of normal next summer and I can start...
  13. Fabcon

    WANTED Seat Belt buckle cover

    I have been looking for awhile now so I know they are hard to come by. If you have a extra set shot me the I really don’t want to sell it price.
  14. Fabcon

    WANTED Seat Belt buckle cover

    dart4forte if you come up with a set let me know what you want for them and shipping to 55313, I have my fingers crossed and thanks.
  15. Fabcon

    Introducing FTO's Newest Member: Sir Keppa

    Nice find, good looking truck
  16. Fabcon


    Wow that’s a old one
  17. Fabcon

    6x6 Garage find!

    Great find
  18. Fabcon

    1970 Dodge D400 Flatbed

    Very cool trucks