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  1. Mr.Mopower

    1971 dodge w100

    Plenty of fb groups doing magnum/hemi swaps. Start there.
  2. Mr.Mopower

    FOUND Need a radiator.

  3. Mr.Mopower

    Fuel gauge issue

    The problem is the after market gauge. Verify what it needs.
  4. Mr.Mopower

    Fuel gauge issue

    You need a gauge that has a range of 10-70 ohms to work. See what your new gauge is. Then go from there.
  5. Mr.Mopower

    WANTED NEEDED! ‘72 D200 - Front Driver Side Hub

    You can also try the tin grille group on fb.
  6. Mr.Mopower

    WANTED NEEDED! ‘72 D200 - Front Driver Side Hub

    Car-Part.com--Used Auto Parts Market
  7. Mr.Mopower

    Need Steering Column Diagram.

    I buy mine from here. I get the big one. 1975 Dodge D & W Series Light Truck Color Wiring Diagram
  8. Mr.Mopower

    WANTED 1987 dodge d100 5.2 y.pipe needed

    Rockauto might. They list a walker 40491.
  9. Mr.Mopower

    FOUND Exhaust manifold

    Car-Part.com--Used Auto Parts Market