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  1. bremereric

    Eggbay listing for a 200,000 dollar Shelby Dakota

    And I thought mine had low mileage. http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=120960130646&ssPageName=ADME:B:SS:MOTORS:1123#v4-36
  2. bremereric

    Need your A/C hoses repaired with a fast turn around?

    Well I had a good experience with Kelly at Estes Automotive in Birmingham Alabama. Two Saturdays ago I was cruising around in my Dakota with cold A/C blowing. I had a very enjoyable time. Sunday I pulled her out for antoher drive and the compressor would not turn on. I found a big mess where...
  3. bremereric

    Engine tool Quiz

    What is this used for?
  4. bremereric

    Happy New Years...bringing it home in a Mopar

    WTF...you only live once....Happy New Year to all...:lalala: I bought enough and they gave me one for free. I live in the county and they lifted the burn ban. Going to be a loud night.
  5. bremereric

    I have two Mopars in the garage again

    Nice to see two Mopars getting the garage space..
  6. bremereric

    Charging a 1989 Mopar A/C system.

    The front seal on my Dakota's compressor leaks. The compressor cycles on and off so I know it's low on freon. I have done this before and I used PAG 46 oil and 134a. Who knows what oil I should use and how much? I have a new compressor and drier on the way and will flush the lines and convert it...
  7. bremereric

    Video Time..

    :yo: http://youtu.be/GSUzd100jWs
  8. bremereric

    Video adding 101...How to post a Video

    This is the filmstrip button you will click to add a video. It is available in quick reply and plus reply. You will need to get your url for your video before clicking it because you will need to paste your url in the window that opens up. I use youtube for my videos so that will be the way I...
  9. bremereric

    And yes they did call this a truck...1979 Plymouth Arrow Pickup Truck

    I came across this at Hamtramck Registry and had to share..
  10. bremereric

    Wanting NOS or used Truck parts try this website

    Partvoice has the best search into dealers inventories than any other search engines that I have used...just input your part numbers...manufacturer and zip code and you are up and running... http://www.partsvoice.com/
  11. bremereric

    Here's my avatar kinda

    Real good audio of crunching leaves and dog barking in the background....in the first one... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QdvLkG82Dyk&feature=related http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fWu_ufjJ6uY&NR=1 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WOTXjNoIJCk&feature=related...
  12. bremereric

    How about some tow trucks

    I thought I would post some everyday shots of all brands of tow trucks...they are trucks too...Dodge trucks first
  13. bremereric

    1989 Shelby Dakota facts...

    I went surfing today to find some facts on the 1500 Shelby Dakotas that were made in 1989...I will post some from several sites..this was from 440Magnum 1989 Shelby Dodge Dakota - Until 1989 the mid size Dodge Dakota Truck was powered only by 4 and 6 cylinder engines. Dodge changed...
  14. bremereric

    Here's a white 1989 Shelby Dakota for sale..

    http://www.oldride.com/classic_trucks/394461.html $9,995.00 bucks..doesn't list the mileage but looks nice...
  15. bremereric

    New RPC 24" and 36" Stainless Steel Hose Kits

    I got these awhile ago and was at my storage toinght so I retreived them and decided to sell them...I won't use them so they are ready for someone else...I used a set of them on my small block 340 and they worked great...:hat: The RPC R7307 36" one goes for 80 bucks new and the RPC R7304 24" one...
  16. bremereric

    BBQ is short for Barbeque

    When not working on my car Sunday is usually the day I call Grilling and Chilling...around my house there is always and urge for something new...I pride myself with making the entire meal on my cheap little red grill from Home Depot....I usually start preparation no later than Sunday early...
  17. bremereric

    After market Eastwood paint and auto body products

    Eastwood has many paint and autobody tools...paints and supplies..here is a video on there heat and noise product that produces the same results as the Dynamat product.. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iw-rRV5lMFg&feature=player_embedded
  18. bremereric

    Mine is a rollup shutter type...I kinda like it...it works well

    Mine is a Pace Edwards...rollup type bed cover...it does a pretty good job of keeping the rain and such out...here goes a couple of pics...
  19. bremereric

    Not new to trucks and from Hot as He double toothpicks Texas

    I always use the same username on all the forums...so you may know me from some of the others...I frequent three of Joeys sites and am a Moderator forbid on FMJBodiesonly.com...I am not new to trucks I see them 5 days a week at work and I drive a company truck and am 98% sure of buying another...