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  1. 65 sporty

    Happy Thanksgiving

    Happy Thanksgiving to you all, enjoy your day with your family and friends. If your traveling I pray you have a safe trip.
  2. 65 sporty

    Save it or replace it???

    I did some work on my 98 Chevy 2500, repaired a fuel tank strap, oil change and just looked the truck over good. It's been in Mi it's whole life so it's getting the cancer bad. So here's the question do I repair it this summer or replace it? It has 244,000 miles on it and would need a...
  3. 65 sporty

    Copy pic from another site

    In the past I have copied and pasted pic's from FCBO, but when I tried tonight it wouldn't work. They showed up in my reply box, but when I posted the reply they were just a screen with a red X. What gives????
  4. 65 sporty

    Sutherland Springs

    My prayers go out to the families and the communities involved in this tragedy, I pray the peace of the Lord be with all involved in this tragedy. I know even those who don't believe are moved be this tragic loss of people. From what I read it could have been worse if not for the action of a...
  5. 65 sporty

    Rock Auto Discount Code

    I get these usually after I place a order. I hope some of you guy's can use it . Discount on RockAuto Parts! Thank you for being a RockAuto customer! To show our appreciation, we have a special discount for you. Your discount code is: 7128207563904351 How to Use Your Discount Code...
  6. 65 sporty

    Road Trip

    So we took a long weekend and visited my brother in Iowa because my Niece graduated from highschool. He is in Ankeny and Iowa is still the Midwest but they must use different amounts of road salt there because I saw some clean looking older trucks. Late 80's Chevy square body no rust and super...
  7. 65 sporty

    I got a new tool

    I just got one of these today, after I used one I had to get one for certain times when you need just a little more on the wrench. Matco calls it their wrench extender, I call it their wrench bender. Works really good, Here's the link. WRENCH EXTENDER WE745 | Matco Tools I got mine off the...
  8. 65 sporty

    74 Dodge 4x4 Club Cab

    Not mine I saw it on FCBO and thought I would pass it along. Dodge 4x4
  9. 65 sporty

    Look what Santa brought this teen

    Teen shoots deer in living room My kid wouldn't have asked for gun key's, He would have grabbed his shotgun and been gutting it by the time I got home.
  10. 65 sporty

    My 91 Chev 1500

    I bought this years ago to replace my Jeep J-10 and it's been sitting since. I picked up my 98 2500 and never started this project. I need to do the trans, engine and anything else that pops up. I would like to get it done so I can drive it next year and park my plow truck for some much needed...
  11. 65 sporty

    Trailer resto

    Okay it's not a truck but it going to be my winter project, it's a old tilt snowmobile trailer that is going to become a utility trailer for lawn movers, my kid's quad, dirt bike and what ever else we can think of. The skills we use on our trucks are the same as I will use on this. I need to...
  12. 65 sporty

    Customers custom trailer

    I thought some of you guy's might like this. It belongs to a customer of mine, he tow's it with his 71 340 Cuda when he DJ's car shows. He bought it as a project in progress and had it finished. It started life as a Barracuda I believe the front of the car was wrecked.
  13. 65 sporty

    Judge sides with Hobby Mechanic

    Remember this story Joey posted. Here is a happy ending. Judge Sides With Hobby Mechanic, Shuts Down Neighbors Trying to Close His Garage
  14. 65 sporty

    Turbo S-10?

    My friend and I were talking about different engines to swap into S-10's. His mother bought a Pontiac Solstice a few years back it's a GXP with a turbo 2.0l. I think it would be a interesting swap into a S-10 along with a manual trans. The engine is available as a crate engine but I think the...
  15. 65 sporty

    Frame repair

    I have a 98 Chevy 2500 and the frame is rusted out by the drivers front body mount, I see a lot of this in the rust belt. Any one else see this? I think I will repair it by plating it with some steel on the sides and bottom.
  16. 65 sporty

    Member Restos

    I don't think I am the only one but I really love looking at member resto projects. Some are old and I know life gets in the way but I really like the updates. I hate it when I get hooked on a thread and then they disappear. Anyone else?
  17. 65 sporty

    Any Scout fans

    I saw this Scout in the parking lot behind our repair shop, someone is giving it some love. When it drove by it had a V8 rumble.
  18. 65 sporty

    The introduction of 65 sporty

    I live in Mi and work as a auto mechanic. I have a 98 chevy 2500 with a 7.5 ft meyers snow plow. Being a mi truck I will need to do some panel replacement soon. I look foward to the site and helping others with info and advice