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  1. multimopes

    Well, I ain't new here fer sure, but...........

    Being how I am at work right now I sure would welcome an ICE COLD BEER! :D
  2. multimopes

    2000 Dodge Ram 360 engine fuel rail crossover tube replacement

    My neighbor called me just before I left for work. He has a 2000 Dodge 4x4 as do I. He said the crossover tube connecting the fuel rails behind the engine is plastic and cracked on his truck and spewed gas all over the place. He says that the dealers don't list a replacement nor does the...
  3. multimopes

    After market stick on trim removal procedures needed

    Howdy pickup people. I recently had to get another truck as my frame rusted and cracked all to hell on my much loved 99 Ram Sport. Estimates were for more money than I paid for the truck. Well, I got a (new to me) 2000 Ram Sport in much better condition. The former owner had installed some...
  4. multimopes

    General Well Wishes

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all the good folks on this Site!
  5. multimopes

    Car And Truck Clubs

    Looking for new members to join the National Chrysler Products Club. The club is National and any one with ANY Chrysler product, old, new or a deviant can join. We are presently looking for members for the Skylands Division which serves North and North West NJ, Eastern And NorthEastern PA and...
  6. multimopes

    Distributor Access on a 99 Ram 5.2 engine

    What is the secret, aside from adding an extra joint or two to my arms and flexible bones, to reaching the distributor to change the cap, rotor, and wires......(A tune up) ???? I already changed the plugs and need therapy from that alone! Damn, you must have to be a contortionist! Of course if...
  7. multimopes

    Cab Assist Handles?

    I don't know what they are actually called, but..........My 99 Ram 4wd even at stock height, is hard to get into as it sits high. The passenger side has 2 handles, one on the A pillar and one over the door, but the driver side ain't got any. No wonder the clock spring broke in my steering wheel...
  8. multimopes

    Anyone ever had the freakin Air Bag light come on for no reason?

    Help! I am pissed off over this and found nothing on Youtube for my truck which is a 99 1500 Sport. I pulled the damn fuses and at least the coming in and out with chime stopped. I put a piece of tape over the idiot light so it doesn't distract me, especially at night! There are no trouble...
  9. multimopes

    Hello, is anybody out there?

    Being that I am the only (member) on this site at this moment, (in the middle of the night), I hereby command all 24 robots that are also on line to send me all of your money! Any denomination will do! Thank you in advance! :android:
  10. multimopes

    Speedometer Recalibration Question For Larger Tires

    I am considering larger tires, something akin to 33 x 12.50 R17 on a 99 Dodge Ram 1500. Stock size is 265-75 R16. Not that much taller. Can these trucks speedo's be reprogrammed or does the gear need to be changed?
  11. multimopes

    Radio head WTF

    Howdy, I have a 99 Dodge Ram 1500 sport 4wd. When I bought it a year and a half ago, the factory radio was kaput, AM,FM,CD,Cassette. I bought a replacement on Ebay at a good price in new condition. I am not sure if I had an Infinity or not but the replacement is not. The speakers do not...
  12. multimopes

    Vacuum Sux

    Howdy, I have a 99 Dodge 1500 sport with a 5.2 auto 4wd. When I push the throttle hard or go up a long hill, my air box, dampers and such, change and/or shut off until I let up. Is there a missing vacuum can or reservoir somewhere that maybe ain't there anymore? Maybe is it just a vacuum leak...
  13. multimopes

    Big Dodge Truck Fan

    As an aging moparite, I must express my appreciation for Chrysler making such fine, reliable vehicles. I had my 82 Ramcharger for over 24 years and I don't know anyone who had less trouble than I did. Especially considering it was never garaged and sometimes wasn't started for 6 months. It...