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    Diagram of wiring harness in eng. bay

    Need a wiring harness diagram of under hood 83 D series p/u !Trying to locate the wiring for the blower motor! Some one cut the wires! Can't find the main wires for it! It has black and orange wires on the motor! Found a connection same colors but it's not hot!
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    FOR SALE Bully Dog reprogrammer

    Bully dog Triple dog reprogrammer ! Will work on Cummins, Power stroke,or Duramax! Was on an 06 Duramax. It will have to be cleared by Bully Dog, just to be safe! I was going to use it on my Cummins! Cost new over $ 500.00 Will take $200.00 + shipping
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    WANTED Sport steering wheel

    Looking for a factory sport steering wheel for the mid 80s Ram p/u must be complete with horn button and no large gouges in the wheel itself! Picture is for reference The horn button can be different! Will buy one like this too!
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    FOUND Tilt steering column

    For an 83- 89 Ram w power steering! Would like it to have the cruise control turn signal lever! Wheel not required unless it has the 4 spoke alum. sport wheel from 83 thru 86! Color no problem.
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    FOUND Tilt steering column

    Tilt steering column for an 83-91 Ram with power steering! Would like it to have the cruise control turn signal lever also! Color or steering wheel not required If it has the sport wheel from 1983 and up (4 flat alum spokes) I'd take it too! Thanks!
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    Infinity radio wiring harness

    Wanted the wiring harness that plugs into the 80s Infinity radios One plug is black and the other gray! Just need enough wire on them to splice onto !
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    FOR SALE Dash mats for ram p/u

    1 for 2014 Ram Light brown The other is Black for 2017 Ram! Both in excellent condition! $40.00 each + shipping This is setting on 2019 dash so it doesn't look that nice! It fits much better on the correct year trucks!
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    FOR SALE Chrome bug shields

    1 For a 2014 Ram P/U, And one fits 2017 Ram P/U both in excellent condition! $ 45.00 + shipping each! Both have all mounting hardware!
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    FOR SALE Putco step bars

    Fits 2004- 2010 Ram Crew cabs They are in excellent shape! 4" stainless steel tubes! $300.00 + shipping
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    FOR SALE Bully Dog reprogrammer

    Triple Dog! Will work for Cummins, Power stroke or Dura Max Part # 40500, Not sure what years it will fit was on a 05 Dura max! Will need to have programming cleared before using on other models! New over $600.00 now! Will take $250.00 + shipping! Reply to classic.mopar@live.com
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    FOR SALE Splash gaurds

    Set of splash guards for Ram p/u with fender flares! Should fit 2011 - 2017 SWD! $40.00 + shipping! Reply to classic.mopar@live.com Thanks!
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    FOR SALE Dash mats for ram p/u

    Have two One light brown, One Black, Fits 2010 - 2017 $ 30.00 +shipping each Both are clean and bright in color! Reply to classic.mopar@live.com Thanks! Can send pics. if interested!
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    FOR SALE Chrome bug deflectors

    I have 2 chrome bug deflectors for a Ram p/u ! One fits 2010 - 2014, The other fits 2015 - 2017 crew cabs1 Both in excellent shape with mounting hardware1 new they are apx. $75.00 each Sell either one for $45.00 + shipping! One pictured is identical to the other! Reply to classic.mopar@live.com...
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    FOR SALE Step Bars

    Putco Big Boss step bars! 4" stainless steel, Fit 2006 Crew cab May fit other years! In excellent condition, No dents scrapes, Still brite and shiny! All mounting hardware included,No welding require! Cost new $600.00 Will take $300.00 + freight
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    FOUND Trim parts for 83 Ram

    Looking for the brushed alum. panel on the tail gate with Dodge Ram logo, N.O.S. or nice used one will work! Also need the wide trim pieces for the right side for an 8' bed They are the ones with black rubber inserts! Will take door pieces and modify if necessary! These were on the Adventurer...
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    For Sale: Radiator

    Radiator for 80s model Ram P/U 2 core in very good condition Came out of an 85 with 318 and a/c $100.00 + shipping! Also have some other misc. parts from the same, Body moldings, front suspension etc. No sheetmetal! Reply to classic.mopar@live.com if interested.
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    For Sale: Step bars

    1 pair of Putco Big Boss step bars! 4"dia.Stainless Steel in excellent cond. No scrapes or dents! Step pads in excellent cond. Have all the mounting hardware! Will fit 04-09 Ram crew cab Paid $500.00 for them Will take $375.00 + shipping. Reply to classic.mopar@live.com if interested! Put step...
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    For Sale: Steering column for Dodge P/U

    Steering column for 71 D-100 with auto trans.(blue), May fit other years! $100.00 +shipping, Also have blue steering wheel excellent shape with horn button cover! $50.00 + shipping! Package price $125.00 + shipping
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    For Sale: Fan shroud

    Fan shroud! metal fits 66-71 D-100s with v-8 $50.00 +shipping
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    D-100 P/U radiator

    For Sale V-8 radiator recorded and in excellent condition! Was in a 70 p/u.with a 318 auto,$125.00 + shipping E/M classic.mopar@live.com if interested