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  1. niceolddart

    WANTED Factory service manual

    Looking for a FACTORY service manual for a friend who has a 2006 Dodge Ram 1500. Any help would be great. He doesn't have computer access by the way. Thanks
  2. niceolddart

    4 Tires & wheels

    I have 4 Goodyear Wrangler 235/75R15 tires mounted on aluminum 96 Dakota rims, both are in very good condition. Must take tires & wheels together. Asking $300 for all, price is negotiable. You come & get um'. I'm in S.E. Pa. zip code 19030
  3. niceolddart

    Oil pan fitment

    Anyone know if an oil pan from a 2nd Gen Dakota with a 5.9 Magnum will fit a first Gen Dakota with a 5.2 Magnum, or is the 5.9 Magnum oil pan different, (larger rear main seal etc.) like the 318 & 360 LA motors. I would like to put a 5.9 motor in my current 5.2l Dakota & I would like to avoid...
  4. niceolddart

    FOUND 1st Gen Dakota parts

    Looking for good rust free front fenders & other misc. items. Cash or trade. what have you got?
  5. niceolddart

    4 BFG mud terrains

    Lots of life left, 10/32" worst of the 4, 13/32 best tire. All worn even, always rotated at 6000 mi. These tires cost me $200 ea. new in 2011. 31-10.50-15s $200 all 4.
  6. niceolddart

    FOUND 95&older magnum V8 stuff

    Looking for a V8 throttle body & intake manifold to modify for my Dakota. Stock un-modded pieces are best & prefer in the Bucks Co. PA. area. (The older 95 & down manifolds have 2 coolant temp. sensor ports, and would make mods. much easier, but later parts I can work with) Other parts...
  7. niceolddart

    95 Dakota V8 auto. shifting problems!

    I have a 95 Dakota R/C 2wd with the 518/46RH tranny. The trans. doesn't slip, but won't always shift into 3rd or reverse when its not well warmed up, or it revs to about 3500 rpm's (1500 rpm's to get reverse) I changed the fluid & filter, added Lucas transmission fix & it's better but still...
  8. niceolddart

    SOLD 69 D 200 Camper Special P/U

    Nice very straight truck from S.C. Very solid, little rot, all cab supports & bed supports excellent shape, LOTS OF NEW STUFF!. I drive this truck 1-2 times a week on average. Legal Pa. inspection etc. Runs & drives good. Needs very little mechanically, not too bad in appearance either.(looks...
  9. niceolddart

    SOLD Aftermarket item

    I have a Warn Winch, model M8472 8,000lb cap. serial# 281528, mfg. code BE6 I took off of my 69 D 200 Caper Special, have no use for it. According to mfg.# it's a 1986 model, 150' 3/8 cable, working condition with brand new Warn remote. My truck needs 4 new tires, selling winch will offset cost...
  10. niceolddart

    The introduction of niceolddart

    My name is Ted, I love Chrysler products, I'm 54 and owned many Mopars in my life, have only owned 3 non Mopars since I started driving. Really like '62 to '71 Dodge Trucks as well as Chrysler cars. Location: Pa