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  1. niceolddart

    94 Dakota wiper bushings

    I don't have the part #s handy, but I know Dorman has them. There are 2 different sizes, one for the wiper motor pivot & ones for the linkage arms. I have a 95 & are pretty sure they are the same one you need. Most auto parts stores have them or can get them. Let me know if you still can't find...
  2. niceolddart

    96 Dakota rear speakers

    You remove the trim panel & the speaker is mounted to it, at least on regular cabs, extended cabs I'm not sure, but I would guess they were installed the same way. The speaker grills are made into the trim panels.
  3. niceolddart

    WANTED Factory service manual

    Looking for a FACTORY service manual for a friend who has a 2006 Dodge Ram 1500. Any help would be great. He doesn't have computer access by the way. Thanks
  4. niceolddart

    4 Tires & wheels

    I have 4 Goodyear Wrangler 235/75R15 tires mounted on aluminum 96 Dakota rims, both are in very good condition. Must take tires & wheels together. Asking $300 for all, price is negotiable. You come & get um'. I'm in S.E. Pa. zip code 19030
  5. niceolddart

    Oil pan fitment

    Thanks 65 sporty. I will check this out. I get a lot of stuff from Rock Auto too, so I will look at this, They are a good source for parts & cross referencing.
  6. niceolddart

    Oil pan fitment

    Thanks for the info folks. I was pretty sure that Magnum motors (MPI 1992-2003?) were different, crankshaft wise between a 5.2l & 5.9l. just like the older 318 & 360 motors. I guess if I do this, I will have to buy the Milodon oil pan, cause' I'm pretty sure their the only ones that make them...
  7. niceolddart

    Oil pan fitment

    Anyone know if an oil pan from a 2nd Gen Dakota with a 5.9 Magnum will fit a first Gen Dakota with a 5.2 Magnum, or is the 5.9 Magnum oil pan different, (larger rear main seal etc.) like the 318 & 360 LA motors. I would like to put a 5.9 motor in my current 5.2l Dakota & I would like to avoid...
  8. niceolddart

    95 center caps

    These are the rims I put on mine which are held on by the lugs. The chrome ones are probably held on by spring clips.
  9. niceolddart

    95 Dakota V8 auto. shifting problems!

    I wanted to let anybody interested know that my tranny problem (518-46RH) is solved! A friend who is a transmission guy said it might just be the seals inside the tranny causing the problem, so I added a bottle ( 12-18? oz.) of ATP AT-205 additive & within 20 miles it fixed the problem! It has...
  10. niceolddart

    95 center caps

    In have a 95 that I put the factory steel wheels on my self cause' I like the look much better than the factory aluminum ones, plus I got the 7" wide ones from a 2002 Dakota. (I had to modify the upper control arms a bit) The lug nuts hold the center cap on on mine. Some of the factory steel...
  11. niceolddart

    FOUND 1st Gen Dakota parts

    Looking for good rust free front fenders & other misc. items. Cash or trade. what have you got?
  12. niceolddart

    95 Dakota V8 auto. shifting problems!

    I believe the shifting problem with my 95 Dakota is fixed! I have a friend who is a excellent old school mechanic, & he told me the seals in the tranny may not be sealing well when it's not warmed up & causing the cold shifting problem, so a I added a bottle of ATP AT-205. ($13 10 - 12oz...
  13. niceolddart

    4 BFG mud terrains

    Lots of life left, 10/32" worst of the 4, 13/32 best tire. All worn even, always rotated at 6000 mi. These tires cost me $200 ea. new in 2011. 31-10.50-15s $200 all 4.
  14. niceolddart

    Parking Brake Blues

    I don't think there is a difference between 2 & 4wd, but my 2wd Regular cab cable adjuster, which you have pictured, should have a hooked long end that attaches to the hole at the very left of the picture, where the front double walled frame meets the mid section of the frame. The hook end is...
  15. niceolddart

    FOUND 95&older magnum V8 stuff

    I will be in touch about the intake, and I am still trying to find a stock V8 T.B. so I can mod both pieces at once myself while still driving the truck. ( I'm on a limited budget ) Any other mods that I can do myself that you know of, let me know. I do have a new air temp. sensor to install...
  16. niceolddart

    95 Dakota V8 auto. shifting problems!

    Thanks for the info Scoots, I'll try the valve body etc. cleaning first before I have the trans. remaned & a new T.C. Good to know about the back window also. I do have a guy that does glass only & he has done stuff for me before so I trust his work, he knows the old vehicles & what he's doing
  17. niceolddart

    FOUND 95&older magnum V8 stuff

    Looking for a V8 throttle body & intake manifold to modify for my Dakota. Stock un-modded pieces are best & prefer in the Bucks Co. PA. area. (The older 95 & down manifolds have 2 coolant temp. sensor ports, and would make mods. much easier, but later parts I can work with) Other parts...
  18. niceolddart

    95 Dakota V8 auto. shifting problems!

    I didn't find any abnormal material in the pan when I first changed the fluid, so when I drop the pan again I'll do as you suggest & pressure check the clutch packs. I've never done this before but I'll try anything once. I do have a blow gun with a rubber tip. The strange thing is, it doesn't...
  19. niceolddart

    95 Dakota V8 auto. shifting problems!

    Thanks for the suggestions, but I've already checked those things as per dipstick instructions and all. The truck has not been used much before I bought it. It may be valves in transmission sticking etc. I'm going to change fluid & filter again, drain the converter if it has a drain plug, do a...
  20. niceolddart

    95 Dakota V8 auto. shifting problems!

    Well the band adjustment didn't work out so good. Still acts up when cold but seems better than it was before the adjustment. I've got other things to take care of before the cold weather gets here. The next thing I want to do is replace the rear window gasket. I have tracked down the water leak...