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  1. LocuMob

    It is starting

    We got this yesterday. Still here, but should be gone soon as the 40's will stick around this week.
  2. LocuMob

    It is starting

    I have Romeo and Winston, Lucy was just visiting.
  3. LocuMob

    It is starting

    25 here as well. Lucy went home today. Romeo whined for a bit after she left, he'll be fine in a day or two.
  4. LocuMob

    Tell me about your truck.

    I couldn't help.myself.
  5. LocuMob

    Happy Thanksgiving Everyone

    Happy Thanksgiving
  6. LocuMob


    I've seen a couple on Marketplace in the past couple of weeks, scamps too.
  7. LocuMob

    Emission testing in California

    I am so glad Minnesota told the California company that ran our emissions testing to go take a hike. It was Jesse Ventura specifically, who said why charge our residents so an out of state company can make $56 million a year? That was over twenty years ago, and ya know what? I haven't heard...
  8. LocuMob


    Hello from Minnesota.
  9. LocuMob

    It is starting

    Second to last day for nice weather before it gets cold. 30's by Tuesday, yay.
  10. LocuMob

    It is starting

    Sorry to hear that.
  11. LocuMob

    It is starting

    Dude, she's little, maybe a foot high on a good day. She's not going anywhere if I don't let her.
  12. LocuMob

    Hello from Califonia

    Hello from Minnesota.
  13. LocuMob

    Help deciding

    I like my trucks to be trucks, plain old simple working machines.
  14. LocuMob

    It is starting

    Well, I got a dog at the house I wasn't planning on, but it should only be temporary as I'm helping a friend who had a surprise change of plans. Romeo and Winston have said hello to her in her kennel, they will get to all romp together Thursday when I have more time. Her name is Lucy.
  15. LocuMob

    It is starting

    Still really nice for November, I'll take this all winter if I can.
  16. LocuMob

    Is anybody in here?

    They did make more, Mike. (Insert pokey omoji)
  17. LocuMob

    It is starting

    Thank you for your service!
  18. LocuMob

    Hi from Germany

    FWIW, I had a '94 Ram with a 9.25 axle. The truck had 50k when my buddy swapped in 3.91's and proceeded to use the living shit out of that truck. It had over 235k when the pinion took a dump. They aren't the biggest, but they can handle more than most give them credit for.
  19. LocuMob

    Hi from Germany

    Hello from Minnesota. That's a nice looking RamCharger!