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  1. 318willrun

    Roadkill '80 Dodge D150 .....

  2. 318willrun

    Roadkill '80 Dodge D150 .....

    The results..... just getting things set up for the short term 5.9 magnum
  3. 318willrun

    Roadkill '80 Dodge D150 .....

    Truck progress continues...
  4. 318willrun

    Roadkill '80 Dodge D150 .....

    Latest update...
  5. 318willrun

    Roadkill '80 Dodge D150 .....

    440 that will eventually be in the drag truck....
  6. 318willrun

    Got the old beast running.

    Looks good! 360 I assume? What's the plan, daily driver?
  7. 318willrun

    My Hobby - Driving

    Welcome! I hear ya, I love to drive them..... I'm more of the "open road - country side" driver. :)
  8. 318willrun

    Power to Manual Steering D150 2wd

    I bought the lower shaft in the link in my first post. It fit the splines great, and looks like a nice piece. It should work fine. Thanks all !
  9. 318willrun

    My new 1988 Dodge Ram 150

    Very nice truck. Slant, 318, or something else installed ??
  10. 318willrun

    Power to Manual Steering D150 2wd

    I have a 1980 Dodge D150 2wd. I'm going from power steering to manual steering. I got the box and pitman arm already. I'm sure the manual box is shorter than the power box, will I need an adaptor of some sort or does my column pull out. Would one of these work? New Lower Steering Column...
  11. 318willrun

    LA360 into 91 Dak

    magnum and LA share the same bolt pattern. People use LA 360 pans to put magnums in cars. Sealing the timing chain cover varies per whats being used (as in LA, magnum, pans & timing cover)
  12. 318willrun

    LA360 into 91 Dak

    welcome, AJ. It's really really slow here …. lol :D
  13. 318willrun

    Introducing FTO's Newest Member: MrJLR

    welcome Jeff.... LOL
  14. 318willrun

    Roadkill '80 Dodge D150 .....

    Latest update..... We got our baseline...
  15. 318willrun

    Roadkill '80 Dodge D150 .....

    weighed it today...…. No spare/jack and 1/4 tank of gas. I guess 3850 - 3900. Pleasantly surprised!
  16. 318willrun

    Roadkill '80 Dodge D150 .....

    Quick update video ...
  17. 318willrun

    Introducing FTO's Newest Member: Terry D.

    That is a cool truck!! Welcome!
  18. 318willrun

    WANTED Manual Brake pushrod for a '80 Dodge D150

    Obviously more years would work - Thanks
  19. 318willrun

    Man this forum section is really slow, where is everyone ?????

    I was up in Perham, Minn when we got caught in a snow storm. 14 inches fell. But, we get enough snow here so, we dealt with it :)