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  1. 318willrun

    Power to Manual Steering D150 2wd

    I have a 1980 Dodge D150 2wd. I'm going from power steering to manual steering. I got the box and pitman arm already. I'm sure the manual box is shorter than the power box, will I need an adaptor of some sort or does my column pull out. Would one of these work? New Lower Steering Column...
  2. 318willrun

    WANTED Manual Brake pushrod for a '80 Dodge D150

    Obviously more years would work - Thanks
  3. 318willrun

    Roadkill '80 Dodge D150 .....

    Well, since there isn't a racers forum, I'll post here. We (son, son-in-law, daughter) are going to "roadkill", if you will, the D150 in my avatar. Draggin it out of a field, were going to get the 318 2bbl running, get it on the road, and eventually drop a big block in it. We have a set...
  4. 318willrun

    Introducing FTO's Newest Member: 318willrun

    Hi all. I've been a member on FABO since 2013. Been into Mopars much much longer than that .. LOL. Location: Midwest