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  1. paul massaro

    Looking for differential help

    well it sound like assembly sales , make more than just parts sales . have you tried a wrecking yard or pick ur part for one .
  2. paul massaro

    WANTED Town Panel Seat

    sorry i have none of my 64 panel , just a couple of that 57 panel , but the town wagon was the same body with windows . maybe there is a pic of them out there in cyber space .
  3. paul massaro

    Wheel size

    a buddy of mine is selling a couple his trucks 61 w300 , it has 19.5 rims stock the green one is the 61 and the other one is a 65 d300 , both are for sale
  4. paul massaro

    Wheel size

    well that is a 5 lug budd pattern , budd made brakes , drums , hubs , rims and their own lug nuts , in 5 , 6 , 8 , 10 lug patterns used through out the heavy truck industry as you can see for years , even prior to the ww2 .
  5. paul massaro

    WANTED Town Panel Seat

    and it tilted forward too . at least the one in my old 64 d100 panel did . not sure what my 57 d100 panel had here is some pics of it .
  6. paul massaro

    Wheel size

    7mopar , the 4.56's are in my 79 w300 . but my 41mc has a much deeper gear , that's why i'm looking at a taller tire , with 7.50x16's it's a 45 mph truck .
  7. paul massaro

    A place for trucks?

    welcome from california .
  8. paul massaro

    WANTED 1954 Dodge truck wheels

    i'll look but i'll bet all mine are 16's
  9. paul massaro

    Wheel size

    well those 33 x 16.5's are a much wider tire foot print , and should be on a 10 wide rim as well , and there is so few 16.5 tires offered up . those gents with them are scooping them up . or buying rims and tires , i myself run lt285/80rx16 if i can on the street . but i have some 16.5 i'm...
  10. paul massaro

    Tell me about your truck.

    but i've got a bunch of cars also , starting in the late 20's going into the early 70's . and a few tons of hotrod and racing parts , lol . hope i don't die before i can use them all up , lol .
  11. paul massaro

    Tell me about your truck.

    well , i would say money , lol .
  12. paul massaro

    1954 Dodge C series truck

    yes shawn is a straight up guy . your welcome .
  13. paul massaro

    Hello from the dirty south

    welcome , glad to have on board . what's up with that 71 d100 . i've got a 64 d100 like yours . planted a hp 383 in her with a 9 1/4 3.54 ls r/e . she started life as a /6 pb auto .
  14. paul massaro

    1954 Dodge C series truck

    hub cap city here in san jose , maybe ?
  15. paul massaro

    1954 Dodge C series truck

    none of mine ever came with hub caps .
  16. paul massaro

    Tell me about your truck.

    and there is one more i've still got to go get an austin a40 p/u looks like this pics . the black cab behind the red ox primed coupe . i've tried not to double post pics .
  17. paul massaro

    Tell me about your truck.

    just some of the herd or hoard , lol . what there is more .
  18. paul massaro

    1950 Fargo 1/2 ton.

    @LocuMob , did you see that 78 w300 firetruck for sale ? on one of the other sites a b or c can't remember which .
  19. paul massaro

    2007 Ram 1500 closing in on 400,000 miles!

    wow i'm just over 91k on my 61 d200 , daily driver .
  20. paul massaro

    My New project

    going with that blower will be these 15x15 rims we made years ago . then bring the rear of the pu down , did some trading and got some narrow rear axles , and now a complete rear suspension change , coil overs and a four bar setup .